First off, I have to just say I’m not a Luddite. I like air conditioning. I even like it when Netflix recommends something new.

But I’m not about to let a robot drive my car…or write my videos. Both would be disastrous. For these and other reasons, people are worried about A.I. taking over the world.

I expect the real problem is the pressure to conform to some monolithic idea of how things are supposed to be. That’s what robs your message of authority and authenticity and makes it SOUND as if it was written by A.I.

This video is about a simple and structured way to both measure and express the authority of your message so that it resonates authentically with those who most need it.

You might already use this. But just in case, here’s a refresher on how to keep your vision alive and your message fresh…

    8 replies to "How to Test the Authority of Your Message"

    • Mel Hardman

      Question, Steve….
      I see someone using WordPress affiliate-promoting you this morning. Have you started building your videos with WP?

      • Steven Washer

        I’ve always embedded videos in WordPress, Mel, but was not aware that someone was tying that to a promotion.

    • Mark Neale

      Fantastic content as always. The mystery to me is why the number of views on your Youtube channel aren’t in the hundreds of thousands??? Very grateful for your input, thanks Steve.

      • Steven Washer

        Well, perhaps numbers aren’t everything. Perhaps it’s the kind of views you get that’s most important đŸ™‚

    • Mark Neale

      That’s what I hoped you would say Your videos are of exceptional quality which is why I was surprised at the viewing numbers, but assume they are connecting you with the right people.

      • Steven Washer

        There was a time when I was obsessed with numbers. But that only led to misery. I learned to be obsessed with service instead, and the numbers began looking after themselves.

    • Mark Neale

      That’s really encouraging, thanks Steven

    • Peter Defty

      Thanks Steve for your videos. I always get a lot out of them..

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