Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Don’t you hate that plans hardly ever come together?

That’s just life of course. It may have nothing to do with anything you’ve done or not done, but only that the world spins on its axis and butterflies flap their wings.

If you’ve ever thought about this, you might appreciate knowing that you can transform an apparent failure into something that isn’t just tolerable, but nearly miraculous.

Even better, you can then turn around and use this in your own stories.

Let’s look at two movies that demonstrate how you do this.

    11 replies to "How to Use a Failure Story To Succeed"

    • Perry

      Very powerful Steve. Very inspiring. Thank you!

      • Steven Washer

        High praise from a master storyteller 🙂

    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Sent you an email about this in my own life. Yes! It’s really happening, thanks to much encouragement from you!

      • Steven Washer

        Good to know, Mia. Godspeed!

    • Susie Verde

      I love how you’re moving deeper with your story telling.
      This video has a universal message- one that I could also use in my business.
      The genius is that you articulate so well, it in a way that applyes to so many situations and people.
      Thanks for another great video and message!

      • Steven Washer

        That’s so kind and I wish I could take credit for it, Susie, but it’s all Howard and Capra. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

        • Susie

          And you voice sharing it!

    • Mike

      Hi Steve! What a great message and one that resonates with me as well. Most of my “little selfs” dreams did not come true – thank goodness. (-: I love the direction you’ve taken in your business and sharing and I love reading the comments of those that resonate with it. It encourages me to go even deeper with my people…it’s wonderful that so many resonate with this path. Fun to see you so passionate in this video too! Thanks as always!

      • Steven Washer

        Most welcome, Mike! 🙂

    • Nancy Dadami

      I want to watch your video every time it shows up in my inbox because I know you are going to take me on a journey to my Big Self and help me see that what is invisible is where the magic happens. I am shifting my business to be more what I call Soul-centered and I am nervous about changing. I feel vulnerable and not as confident as my small self has been.
      I love how you are taking us on this journey, weaving in the spiritual side of life. After all, I think that is the most important part. Thank you so much Steven.

      • Steven Washer

        Delighted to be on your team, Nancy!

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