A Visible Authority can’t afford to be undone by their own videos. They’re supposed to demonstrate how you help someone through your inner authority, not X it out.

This video should alleviate that concern pretty much for good.

You’ll discover…
1. The authority-enhancing space that’s been waiting for you.
2. How to unlock its potential.

Links to the hardware in this video:
BeastGrip Pro
BeastGrip DOF MK2
Rokinon 85MM cine lens

    5 replies to "How to Turn a Smartphone Into a Film Camera"

    • Stephanie Calahan

      Hi! I love this. What tripod do you recommend and what is the filming app you are using?

    • Steven Washer

      I was using a cheap light stand and FilmicPro for the app.

    • Mike

      Steve, what model of the Rokinon works with the BeastGrip adapter? The Rokinon comes in Canon, Micro Four Thirds, Sony A and E, Nikon. Thanks.

      • Steven

        Any full-frame camera. There are speed rings for any brand.

    • Gustavo Tagliassuchi

      Always with great tips! Thanks.

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