Knowing how to upload a video to YouTube might be one of the givens of video marketing, but for many it’s a stumbling block. If you want to market your business using video online and can’t use YouTube, you’re truly one of the “have-nots.” So let’s start your transformation into a video mogul right now. Step 1: Find your video Step 2: Go to YouTube Step 3: sign in Step 4: Click on “Upload” Step 5: Click the Upload button Step 6: Navigate to your file Step 7: Click “Open” Step 8: Fill in 2 blanks Step 9: Save it! That’s it. But check out the very ending to make sure you don’t get trapped in the YouTube twilight zone!

    12 replies to "How to Upload a Video to YouTube"

    • Marina Brito

      What a cool ending! It had me chuckling for quite a while. 🙂

      Oh, and thanks for the tutorial too.

      • Steve

        …not that you needed it!

        But I find that when people first come to class, this is often a secret problem they don’t wish to share. So now, hopefully it will no longer be a problem.

        • John Friesen

          Thanks Steve!
          Your short video is an EXCELLENT example of the effectiveness of using video for communicating/teaching in a very engaging way!

    • Grace

      LOVE the end. I needed that chuckle!

    • Kym Kirk

      Thanks for the walk through Steve.

    • Steve

      Thanks, guys! Just a spoonful of sugar…

    • Geoffrey Jones

      Steve, Thanks very much for the insightful steps outlined for “Upoading Videos to YouTube.” I applaud your sincerity in wanting us to be at ease and more over for encouraging us to be successful Marketers.
      Much appreciation!

      • Steve

        Thank you for those kind words, Geoffrey! Hope it speeds you on your way.

    • Rebecca

      Great! My interface on YouTube was a bit different but the steps still applied.

      • Steve

        Cool! Nice to know when something actually works.

    • Donnie Bryant

      Great video, Steve!

      If I start drinking vanilla chai, will I start being as suave as you are?

      • Steven Washer

        Really? Suave? I have been compared to Tom Bosley. “Now Ritchie, you and the Fonz wipe your feet before you come in the house!”

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