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We so get it all backwards. I mean, why is it that the right thing to do is so often the counterintuitive thing as well? This is no more true than in the subject of our video today: how to use video to build your list, and build a massive list at that.

In this video we examine a lot of the doubts and fears that keep people from using video to grow their businesses. And along the way, you’ll see some very practical things you can do to step up your efforts at becoming a market leader with an almost astonishing ease.

But you have to be willing to let it happen. Just watch the video and see what I mean…

    4 replies to "How to Use Video Marketing to Grow a Bigger List"

    • Butchers Hook Video

      Good video

      I’ve certainly heard alot of the excuses made by corporates!

      Nice ducks too!


    • Steven Washer

      Right you are, Luke. Only you have to add “decision by committee” to the mix.
      I wonder sometimes how they get anything of consequence done 🙂

    • Usman Siddique

      A Great Video! I have never thought of list building through a video. Now as I know it, I think video is a MUST and most powerful thing before actually starting a business.
      Thanks for sharing this innovative idea.

    • Steven Washer

      Thanks, Usman. What I did not say in the video is that this is just another link in the video chain of building strong client relationships over time. Especially because in this world, face-to-face contact is becoming less and less practical…

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