A few weeks ago I started sharing with you what I’ve learned in the last 5 years about online authority. At the temple of El Castillo at Chichen Itza, I explained where your true authority comes from, and why it might be worth doing whatever it takes to discover yours. The following week we looked at how you can get control over your technology should you decide to use video to project your online authority. Last week I shared a very different view of your audience, one that an online authority MUST have to keep themselves off the marketing hamster wheel. Today we put it all together. See what actually happens when you embody authority attributes and project them into your market. It’s kind of a beautiful thing. And it’s something you can have…
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    4 replies to "How to win major clients with simple videos"

    • Marta

      Dear Steve,

      I bought a course from you a few years ago, but my life then was so tough and busy, that I never had time to come close to creating a video.

      I loved your video-lessons and your style (which became even more excellent), but I had exams, old and ill mom, and my husband dying from cancer.

      My husband and my mom had passed away a year and a half ago. I became much older – I’m not a face (with the facial expressions) for a video no one would want to look at.

      I know myriads of amazing things on how to heal complex chronic and seemed hopeful diseases. I’m stuffed with such a helpful knowledge I dream to share with people (as I am a Nutrn Counselor, MS in Human Nutrition), but I became so timidslow-minded (I was training professional classical-music pianists in the past in Europe, then writing computer manuals for corporations like Merrill Lynch), then… with the 2 death and hard-working years to keep my too dear ones alive I’ve lost my vigor, determination, and good look to show up in front of the public.

      Where should I start again – where can I reach your (I subscribed to) old very detailed lessons full with your gentle encouragement?

      Thank you very much,
      Marta Tereshchenko

      • Steven

        Hi Marta. In 2013 you got a course from someone that I was an affiliate for. I’ll email the details I have and you can start again if you like.

        And I think you should.

    • James

      Hey Steve : )

      Really this is simply a quick note of gratitude for all the outstanding work you so unflaggingly do.

      So say we all we’re all so busy, but I can but imagine you do so much great work only to, as you say,
      too often hear the sound of your substantial audience’s one hand clapping.

      Know also mine’s not just the gratitude born of consumption.
      During well timed conversations I also recommend you and your wonderful work.

      Thus on this occasion please allow me to take a moment to apply the other hand in clapping and saying bravo and thank you for all you do.

      Your friend always,

      ~ James

      • Steven

        Wow, James, thank you for those exceptionally kind words!

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