Ian Brodie is an influential and in-demand marketing strategist to coaches and consultants. And today one of his main go-to marketing strategies for his own business is video. In our interview, Ian reveals the strategies that are rapidly changing the relationship he enjoys with his audience, how he made the time for video, his ultra-fast working process, and his uber-clever technology-based application for bringing viewers into his world. This is a 30 minute interview chock-a-block full of insight, humor and simple strategy you can use right now, from one of the very best marketing minds  of our day. To watch Ian’s helpful videos and learn more about his work, go to www.ianbrodie.com

    4 replies to "Ian Brodie on Using Video For Expert Positioning"

    • Troy Campbell

      I especially liked the portion about your process. In particular the transcription service you mentioned. I’m definitely going to try that out.

      • Steven

        Agreed! It’s almost uncanny how Ian finds these cool solutions to knotty problems and figures out how to implement them to create amazing levels of productivity!

    • Wynn L. White, P.E.


      A great video with practical tips. I’ve seen some of Ian’s videos and wondered how he did them–now I know.

      You are the man! Keep the good stuff coming!


    • Stefan

      So much information provided in such an engaging way. Great stuff guys.

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