(Note: It’s 5 years later and I didn’t leave YouTube, obviously. But I have radically changed my beliefs about how they can best help a service business.)

I know how crazy this sounds. Leave YouTube? They’re the second-largest search engine on the web! We upload 60,000 billion videos every millisecond (or something equally nutty and hard to measure). So how could you ever think about leaving?

Well, maybe “leaving” is a bit extreme, but a major re-thinking is now in order. If you haven’t heard this news, please watch now, because I doubt anyone else will tell you…or they’ll pooh-pooh it (Oh, that only happens to scammers!). But when your business is at stake, don’t let anyone pooh-pooh it for you.

You may find what I’m about to tell you a little hard to believe, and yet it’s all true. And I can hardly believe it myself. But we have to accept the reality of what Google and YouTube have done if we are to succeed.

So also in this video is the way to certain success.

Please let me know what you think.

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    • Howard

      Sorry you ran into this situation, but glad you bounced back quickly and better than ever.

      • admin

        Thanks, Howard. I think this is a really important concept for people to own and take action on.

    • Paul Wolfe


      Really interesting video. Didn’t know anything about this spambot attack….been busy since mid December.

      But a similar flaw has always existed in Youtube with their flagging system….doesn’t take many flags to get a video taken down. And all it takes is a few accounts to flag the same video for the same reason and that video is toast.

      What will be interesting to see is if YouTube realize that there was a mass attack – if it had just been you who was hit, then they would think you are doing something they don’t like. But if a score of other folks were hit too….although the folks at Google and YoUTube are hard to reach, they are not stupid. So it will be interesting to see what they do (if anything) when they realize what’s happened. (The banning of your video was almost certainly an automatic thing.).


      • admin

        In this case it wasn’t even one account that flagged me. As I tried to explain in the video, It was an outside attack from a view-selling company.

        Also, this happened to not scores of people, but likely thousands, all on the same night (hundreds commented and I’ve always assumed that there are 9 more going through the same thing for every one who expresses it)

        That YouTube hasn’t responded to any of these cries for help on their own blog after 2 weeks is all we really need to know at this point.

        • Paul Wolfe

          I only know of two similar instances.

          One was Darren Rowse had a video taken down – and I think he got a ban too? But he quickly got reinstated because he created a shit storm on twitter that they sat up and took notice off.

          The other was a guy who was suspended for 6 months and had all his videos taken down for music copyright infringement. This was an instrumentalist who was playing along to records. His account was restored without fanfare 6 months later and all his videos put back up. Though I believe it was horrible enough for him to voluntarily remove those videos.


          • admin

            Yes, I heard that about Darren. But I’m not likely to raise Cain about this because it’s not really my style, nor do I think I have the clout for that.

            Besides, it’s really just kicking the can down the road, isn’t it? There’s a terrible structural problem that I want fixed before I’m willing to trust anything significant to that site again.

            • Paul Wolfe

              I hear ya. And understand. Please keep me posted on any communications you get back from the ‘Toob.

    • Wowzers, Steve! That’s some crazy stuff. We’ll be sure to keep a copy of our Prosperity’s Kitchen episodes elsewhere to be safe. Thanks for the heads up.

      • admin

        Amazon S3 is good for safe-keeping, and with Vimeo Pro they will automatically segregate you from the rest of the site unless you ask them to include you in social networking.

    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Steve – I just searched some of the phrases you used in your description of what happened at YouTube at Christmas and could find absolutely nothing, even on StartPage.com which is supposed to be confidential search. Nothing. Nada. It seems so odd that an event of this magnitude has had no other commentary other than your own. I’m not doubting you, just trying to understand what’s going on. Could you provide more references? Thanks! I appreciate your intelligent presentations.

      • admin

        You have to be signed into Google Groups and not everyone has a Google account. Nevertheless, here’s the link to that discussion:

        • Mia Sherwood Landau

          I really appreciate your reply, Steve. I ghostblog for some legitimate business people who are also heavy users of YouTube and didn’t want to bring this issue to their attention until I had some more information. I find it particularly fascinating that your link is to a Google product forum page… really interesting. Thanks again for the heads-up!

    • Paul Wolfe

      As to going forward…that’s not (IMO) clearcut.

      Here’s where I agree with you:

      1. Don’t have all your videos ONLY on YouTube.
      2. If you’re posting a guest video on an important blog, that probably wants to be hosted on vimeo.

      But the problem with NOT putting your videos on YouTube is that’s where the bulk of the Audience is.
      A lot of people who watch my videos search DIRECTLY for them in YouTube – so they have to be on there.

      Here’s how I view it to try and mitigate this scenario:

      1. Every video on YouTube has a call to action front and centre to try and get folks OFF youtube and onto my website and even better, onto my mailing list.
      2.I try and ‘train’ my list to watch videos embedded on my website. That way I can
      control the viewing experience. But it adds views to the videos on YouTube so they rank better.
      3. I consider the YouTube videos purely as ‘attraction’ for new people.
      4. Did I mention trying to get them onto my list.

      iTunes sounds like a smart move….be exploring that myself in 2013!

      Happy NY.


      • admin

        I don’t have an issue with any of what you’re saying with the possible exception of your chicken/egg scenario.

        IOW, you can’t get people back to your website if there’s no video on YouTube to attract them.

        This question also applies to bringing them to your blog to watch the video in the first place. After all, that video is hosted at YouTube. What happens when you bring people to your website and all they see is a big red frown in a black box?

        In a word: argh.

    • Richard Thomas

      Wow! Glad you were able to fix the situation. Your recommendation about Video Hosting sites is excellent. I’ll be checking out Vimeo right away! Thanks.. and best wishes for 2013!

      • admin

        They do seem friendly. The only downside I’ve seen so far is that you can’t format your text much for your viewers; that is, the text that appears underneath your video. But everything else is very cool!

    • Barbara

      Hi Steve –
      Fabulous information, as always!

      • admin

        Stay safe, Barbara! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kristin

      Thank you for this. I’m listening, and sharing.

      • admin

        Thank you for the share, Kristin!!

    • John Charbonneau

      Thanks for sharing, I would have been furious and don’t know if I could have been as diplomatic as you have been in your video. I have always wondered about using a different hosting company and tried a free account at viddler.com

      Their free account offered no customer service either and I could not cross the bridge to get them to play on mobile devices, I am now working with Easy Video Play and amazon web hosting, and I like vimeo as well.

      The saga continues.

      • admin

        You could also try DailyMotion. I’ll be investigating more of these throughout the year and providing more detailed reviews. I thought it was important to provide at least one alternative right out of the gate…

    • Bryan Naylor

      Hi Steve

      As always, thanks so much for this insight. I’ve always recognized that this could ultimately become an issue, but had no idea that it had in fact, manifested itself. Aside from Vimeo, are there are any other effective video sharing services you have had experience with, that we could compare?

      Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to share this video with my list. To me, this is the type of information we should all be exposed to and decide how we’d like to deal with it for our own businesses. I know, thanks to this video, I will absolutely be looking at alternative options for all of my various online properties.

      Thanks again for the insight…

    • Patricia

      You were the second person in a week to warn me off YouTube. Thanks.

      I really like that you also gave solutions. Looking into them now.

      Great presentation, easy to watch ( I don’t normally watch anything over 2 mins!) and the fun graphics help. Keep it up please.

      • admin

        Ah, yes, the 2-minute warning. Thanks for persevering ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Debbie

      One thing I can foresee being a problem. I’m on my blackberry at the moment and can’t watch your video until I’m back at my desk. I don’t have this issue with videos embedded from youtube.
      Looking forward to seeing what all the above comments are about.

      • admin

        Thanks for the heads-up, Debbie! Vimeo may have to implement a more robust application of mobile even though that’s checked off for this video.

        Or it could be operator error. I’ll check into it…

        • admin

          Debbie, it seems you might have to enable the mobile version of Vimeo to see Vimeo videos on your Blackberry. I think. Not yet 100% certain about this.

    • Steve Falter

      Good info, as always, Steve. I have been using Vimeo’s Plus service for integration into my new web site. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Pro does, but it’s still very good, and cost effective for my current needs. I like the tip about putting the YouTube URL in my Vimeo description.

      Thanks again,

      • admin

        The only reason I went with Pro was the commercial content. I’ve had too many videos denied hosting because of teaching content.

        I’ve seen just a few of your videos and yes, they may come to you someday and ask for 139 more dollars, but that would be far preferable to losing your whole account! So even if you stumble a bit, you’ll quickly find your footing again.

        • Steve Falter

          I know, Steve. That is why all my videos are set to Private and are not searchable on Vimeo, which keeps me in compliance with their guidelines. I also have them set so viewers can’t (shouldn’t be able to) download or embed them. I do agree that Pro is a good value, though, and highly recommend it.

          One of Vimeo’s biggest advantages over YouTube, for me, is the ability to replace a video and not have to change embed codes on my site. This lets me modify, or even completely redesign, a video and have no viewer access issues, especially if people are sharing the link to my video. That alone is worth the price!

          • admin

            Holy smokes! I didn’t know that about the re-uploading business or I might have put it in the video. Thanks for that heads-up, Steve!

            • Steve Falter

              Well, you can edit it in, upload and new viewers will see it!

    • Greg

      Wonderfully informative video, Steven.

      Here is a review of video sharing websites:


      Any opinion on Break, Metacafe, Google Video, Revver, VidiLife, Yahoo Video?

      • admin

        Thanks, Greg! Well, both Yahoo and Google Video are history. Metacafe might be an option for some of us. I’ve heard the same about Revver. Don’t know VidiLife. But I will be checking into them soon and will get back with an update.

    • Richard Killey

      If Vimeo has a comment facility, can spammers mess anything up for you by sending 100’s of comments there?

      • admin

        Yes, but it’s not at all likely. Spammers generally stay away from friendly sites because they can’t hide their intent.

    • Peter Phelan

      Hi Steve,
      A good point made here; but I must admit I have always wondered why on earth people embed Youtube videos into their own web sites! Complete with all the pop up adverts as well; just seemed completely mad to me!

      People have shot me down in flames on all kinds of forums for advising against it; not only for the reasons you mention, but because I have always thought it makes a company look cheap, “Micky Mouse” or whatevever. And yet so many really big companies even do it.

      My point being, by all means have a YT channel and develop that, but host your own videos properly on your own web server or CDN. Anyone seriously in business should be able to budget the small amount needed for proper paid for video hosting and delivery.


      • admin

        We’ve done the embedding for years for the ranking, authority and views. Some of the technical bits, like turning off the suggested videos, need to be learned by newbies, but losing the rest of it is a shame. The player itself is quite robust and will play on practically anything.

        So in the end it’s a volume thing. It’s been easier to get more views from YouTube than from other sharing sites or your own server, but that’s not as true anymore unless you’re willing to game the system and play Russian Roulette with your channel.

        • Peter Phelan

          As I said; by all means have and develop your YT channel. But just use it as a means to drive traffic to your own site as suggested by the 4 steps outlined above by Paul Wolfe. And once there, ensure they see properly hosted videos; not embedded YT ones.

    • Joanie

      Hi Steve,

      I have been using Vimeo for several months now. Love it. Did not know about putting the video link in the bottom of the content box. Thanks!

      • admin

        Do you make any commercial videos and keep them private?

    • Jodi Schumm

      Thanks, Steve. This week my web site is being re-launched and will include (gulp) some YouTube videos. I’m glad to know of this potential problem now, though, so I can look into other options before my site gets to the size that it’d become a target.

      • admin

        You are already a target. I’ve heard from people with just a few hundred views that they’ve lost their videos already. I’m not trying to alarm you; just offer a simple solution.

        It wouldn’t take much for you to upload the same video to the free Vimeo site and make it private so that only people with the link could see it on your website using that embed code.

        Good luck!

    • Guy D.


      If you look closely at Vimeo pro the videos are private. In order to change the videos to public, you have to meet the community guidelines for regular vimeo. Thoughts?

      • admin

        They are private to the Vimeo community, not the public. They don’t want you showing commercial messages on the social part of the site. I’m keeping my videos private, but that doesn’t keep people from watching any of the videos.

    • Claudette Chenevert

      Thanks for this very important message. As a stepmom (and the word can be controversial), I will definitely look more closely into vimeo. I already have an account and although I’ve never posted anything because of there terms, I will look at this more closely.

      Always enjoy seeing you on video.

      Thanks for the valuable info you share. Good luck.


      Claudette Chenevert
      The Stepmom Coach

      • admin

        Yes, it can be a big decision to make that leap and get a Plus or Pro account.

        Thanks for posting, Claudette. It was nice to see you here!

    • Wizzer

      Hey Steve
      Sorry you got caught by this and thanks for sharing the story.

      I agree wholeheartedly – I’ve been telling people for years not to use free webhostiong / blogger accounts etc for the very reason you highlight – lack of control. It’s akin to setting up a shop on a pavement and just hoping you’re not asked to move along. Never be relient on anyone

      Time to check Vimeo!

      • admin

        Just remember not to tick that “Private” box or your sales videos could even get in trouble there, although they’d just untick it for you instead of throwing you out altogether. Much cooler…

    • Susanna Perkins

      Hi Steve,

      Great video. I’ve been concerned about using a free platform where they hold all the cards. I’ve just started this new website to teach non-technical people how to build WordPress websites, and I’m going to be adding videos — lots of videos. I do have a Vimeo (free) account which I’ve never used much.

      Thank you for pointing out some very good options.

      • admin

        You might be able to use that free account for teaching videos, but even the most benign mention that you have a business can be mis-interpreted by the powers-that-be. That’s why I went with the Pro account and kept my videos private. Of course it’s not private in the way YouTube’s videos are private. You don’t have to issue invitations for people to see them. It’s really more like YouTube’s “Unlisted” option.

        Good luck with your series!

    • Sandy

      I have been aware for some time of this happening, though on a smaller scale. I am astonished though that YT allowed such a mass attack to go through. Yes, I do understand that the process was probably automated, but a public acknowledgement should have been made immediately.

      This is going to really hurt their reputation. Nothing is so big on the internet that it cannot be brought down to size again.

      • admin

        Yes, it was absolutely automated. It would have to have been. And yes, there’s a lot of precedent for unassailable sites sinking into the quicksand of history, so their insistence on blaming the victims will not fly for very long.

        I prefer to watch safely from the sidelines now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Scott

      Is there an easy way to transfer the Youtube videos to Vimeo? How is that accomplished? For editing I use Vegas Movie Studio HD. Can I download the previously posted YT video to my editing program and transfer the copy to Vimeo.
      Thanks Steven, I always appreciate your information and help. Did I mention the great delivery?

    • admin

      Thanks, Scott! Actually, it’s best to upload a pristine copy of your video to Vimeo. They like it digitized at a much higher rate than YouTube. So you wouldn’t touch the YouTube version of the video in this entire process. Well, just to grab the keywords and descriptions. This is assuming you have the original on your hard drive.

    • Wiz Withers

      Steve –

      Informative video. As you said, you can’t rely on a “free” service for the bulk of your business. Commercial videos are especially targeted – and the hosting site (in this case, YouTube) makes the determination as to what is “commercial”…


      • admin

        And that’s key. It seems we need to learn over and over again that there’s no free lunch…

        • Wiz Withers


          Sometimes, “free” is the most expensive option…

    • Lee Gross

      Awesome Info…thanks for the inspiration !


    • Nadira Jamal

      I’m trying to get off Paypal for the same reason. I’m sick of their high-handed policies and nearly non-existent customer service (at least for sellers.) The “giants” are close enough to having monopolies that they think they can get away with anything.

      • admin

        I think we call that the oligopoly. It isn’t the most healthy thing, but at least PayPal has some customer service. We do pay for it, and that’s a huge difference between free and paid…

    • Eliana Gilad

      What are the benefits of vimeo vs amazon?

      • admin

        Amazon is just a storage area. Vimeo is a full-blown video sharing site. Really different equations!

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Steve, yuck – sorry you went through this. I have been having issues with Youtube “saying” that my music is not ok for me to use. I keep writing back with the links to the TERMS OF SERVICE that ALLOW free use of the music. Sometimes they write back to tell me they have “released” my claims. Other times they just release them. And there are a few that are still pending. A real pain in the butt especially when I ONLY use music I am legally allowed to use. Thanks for sharing this important information! I have Amazon but will have to look into Video for the reasons you describe.

      • Steve

        Yes, I was just having this discussion over at Vimeo. It’s the whole arbitrary way they handle your videos that can drive you to distraction. One of the things I teach is how to get people off the sharing site and onto your website as soon as possible. You can’t do this if your video gets taken down. That’s just so basic. I think a lot of people are having a hard time understanding this concept, but when it finally sinks in, the marketing universe is going to have a collective nervous breakdown unless they get that there are viable alternatives.

    • Michelle Nightengale

      Thanks so much for sharing this Steve!

      I’m glad to know it NOW while I’m getting started, so that I can do this right from the beginning. I’m also against free anything (for the most part) when it comes to running your online business. I think that if you’re running a business, you need to TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS (and not a hobby). Hence why I have the self-hosted WordPress (using a theme I paid for), I use 1 Shopping Cart along with a merchant account, etc. with all of the associated expenses.

      What you described here is exactly why. I can’t think of anything hat angers me more than someone else holding my business hostage. (I’ve had web designers do it and infuriated me.) Depending on a free service who can arbitrarily take down a part of my business just isn’t worth it. So I have no problem paying $20/mo for a video hosting/sharing service.

      So you recommend using Vimeo as our primary platform for our businesses? I’m still a bit confused about how to integrate YouTube with that. As someone else pointed out, YouTube is actually now a search engine and the bulk of our audience is there, NOT on YouTube.

      So basically, we upload our videos to Vimeo and post the Vimeo version on our websites? Then we upload the same video to YouTube and post the YouTube link in the Vimeo description?

      Do I have that right?

      As I recall, I used to not be able to watch Vimeo videos on my iPhone which I considered a big problem. But I’m able to play the video in this post on my iPhone, so that’s good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Does anyone know of any problems viewing Vimeo videos on other smartphones?

      • Steve

        Yes, you got that right, and the videos should show up on all smartphones, but some may have to be activated for the mobile version of the website to see them. It seems this may be true for Blackberrys especially.

    • Michelle Nightengale

      Oooops! Meant to say that the bulk of our audience is on YouTube, NOT on Vimeo!

      • Steve

        But the bulk of your audience needs to be at your website. You don’t need a million views for your video to rank. One thing I just noticed is that you can post it to Google+ and get it to #1. This video is already there. You can type in the title and see for yourself.

    • Rod Martin, Jr.

      Steve, thanks for taking a “yuck” and turning it into a chuckle.

      It makes no sense focusing on your vulnerabilities, but a lack of awareness can be deadly. Thanks for keeping us informed and for keeping the focus on empowering ideas.

      • admin

        I’m glad that came across! Thank you! It was very important to me that this not be taken as an overall negative, but as an exciting and empowering development.

    • Shama Kern

      Thanks Steve for this really helpful video. Sorry you had to go through this, but it might help to move us all in the right direction. I know other marketers who had their account shut down by youtube without any explanation – definitely not a solid business foundation.

      In regards to Nadira’s comment about paypal, I just want to chime in with my experience. I have been using paypal for several years, and I am one of their top tier (preferred) customers, as a seller, mind you! I have always received excellent customer service. I had to call them many times and they always sorted things out for me. They do care about sellers, since they make them a lot of money if they move a good volume of transactions..

      The trick is to not just talk to whomever you get on the phone, since these reps often don’t know much and they just follow the rules which can appear high handed. However if you ask to be transferred to the Merchant Services department or the dispute resolution department or whatever particular department has the final say on your issue, you will generally get excellent and professional help, and these people can even apply the rules in a reasonable way since they have some authority which the first level reps do not have.

      At least this has been my experience for years. Knock on wood that it will remain so. The people who get in trouble easily are the ones who get a lot of complaints and have a lot of refunds.

      • admin

        Thanks, Shama. Vimeo will only be the opening gambit. There’s more to come, but this has been a most promising start with a thousand very targeted views in less than a day. What more could you want in that amount of time?

        I’m glad you mentioned that about PayPal. That has generally been my experience, though I’m sure you didn’t mean to imply that Nadira has a problem with excessive refunds! :))

    • Paul Silva

      Beyond the disaster warning, which is valuable, you gave me an idea. I haven’t given Vimeo the attention it deserves yet, But I certainly will now.

    • Gil


      Great video. My cousin suggested this to me and up until now I had just “considered” expanding from YouTube toward a service like Vimeo. Thanks to this video, I have now created an account and will begin taking action moving forward.

      Looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

      • admin

        Oh, that’s good, because now no one will be able to shut me up! :))

    • Glenn Shepherd

      Such an excellent video! I used to love YouTube but as soon as Google got its grubby hands on it it started to go downhill. Google insist on making decisions that they want to make, regardless of what their users want or need. 99% of Google/YouTube users can object to a decision but if Google decide that it’s ‘for the best’ then it’s for the best, even if it actually isn’t. Sadly, I feel that this will be their downfall. It’s certainly good and advisable to look for alternatives, such as Vimeo

      • admin

        I had no idea there were people feeling this way and just putting up with it. What’s infinitely better is to be able to find a solution you can work with and still be able to sleep at night.

        Glad this could help you get on a happier path!

    • Albert Grande

      Thanks Steve.
      I enjoy your insights. Very well thought out and as usual you make a lot of sense.

      What you said about YouTube is very disturbing. You basically were given a black mark by someone else buying views for your account. It seems that a site like YouTube/Google would figure this out and be able to have some safeguards against this. Basically anyone with a few dollars and evil intent can go after anyone in the YouTube community that they do not like.

      Sound advice about not putting all of our eggs in one basket….especially a free basket.
      Thanks again.

      • Steve

        Yet another argument for using a site where your videos are already private but for those who you give the link to. And if you were looking for an excuse to diversify, you now have it…in spades. By the way, it’s incredibly liberating!

    • Patti Ryan

      Thanks Steve, I am new to your site & have been using Vimeo Plus to store/share only my animation stuff for a while. I just found a new video host called SproutVideo. They are a month-to-month service for those who don’t want to(or just can’t) make the $200 commitment for the year for Vimeo Pro. So far so good + they offer the “old” embed codes that I must have to work with my partner’s site. (which is on Drupal 6 & won’t play iFrame videos) Hopefully, he upgrades soon, but until then since Vimeo no longer offers the old code, I have to go with SproutVideo. Now I can have COMMERCIALS in my little local interest show!! It is liberating!

      • admin

        Thanks for the find, Patti! Anything that gives you a feeling of liberation or more lightness is all to the good. We all have enough plates spinning to keep us plenty busy…

    • OldDog

      Well, what do you (and the rest of us) expect. YouTube is the baby brother of Google. You just have to remember Google (and YouTube) are not here to help us, they are here to make money. I have as little to do as possible with Google and their constantly change rules, with little or no redress. Google’s way or the highway. Now, it seems little bro. YouTube is headed down the same road. Well, all I can say is: “Good Bye, YouTube”.

      I enjoyed and want to thank you for your video and information about handeling the YouTube problem.

      • Steve

        I think this needs to be handled with some subtlety. The problem is that YouTube is still the #2 search engine in the world, so you need to be there or you could suffer in visibility.

        The trick is to have a better promotion strategy for your videos than in relying on YouTube’s good graces, as you’ve pointed out. And that’s what I was attempting to give some specific guidance on.

        Best of luck with your videos!

    • Mamun ahmed

      I saw your video and I am interested about Vimeo but I have a question. Suppose I take the service from vimeo pro with $20/month but If I close it after several months use…so what will happen with my already uploaded video with vimeo? Is it staying fine or they delete my account and/or my all video. Hope you understand and share your experience with vimeo. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ME IN MY GMAIL ID.Thanks.

      • Steven Washer

        I think it would be helpful to others for this question to be answered publicly…

        It seems that you could lose some of your videos if you cancel your account. They use a complex algorithm to determine exactly what you would lose. For this reason, I always advise having your videos backed up on Amazon S3. That way you can quickly get them back up.

        Anyway, here’s what Vimeo says on their website:

        Features: You will lose access to Vimeo PRO features like priority conversion, VIP support, Advanced Stats, custom embed settings, domain-level privacy, Portfolios, Review Pages, FTP uploading, and Vimeo On Demand.

        Weekly Upload Limits: You will have an upload limit of 500MB and 1 HD video per week.

        Video Storage: If your PRO account expires, you will keep any videos you uploaded while you were a Basic member, but you may lose some of the videos uploaded during your subscription.

        For videos uploaded during your PRO membership, you will receive storage equivalent to 26GB multiplied by the number of years you were a PRO or Plus member. For example, if you were a PRO member for two years and your account lapses, we will store up to 52GB of your videos. We do this because 26GB is the maximum amount that Basic members can upload in one year.

        Any storage needs above your cap (26GB x years of PRO/Plus membership) will be moved to our archive for storage up to one year, starting with your earliest videos (the videos you first uploaded to Vimeo). If you renew your PRO membership during that time, youโ€™ll regain access to those videos.

        Collections: You will keep Groups, Channels, and Albums you created as a PRO member, but you will not be able to create new ones beyond the Basic limits.

        Please note: If youโ€™re using Vimeo PRO for commercial purposes, you must maintain your PRO membership or remove your videos when your account expires.

        Embedded Videos: Any videos with custom embed settings for will revert to the default embed options for Basic accounts.

        Source Files: Any source files that were stored on Vimeo will be deleted after two weeks and cannot be recovered. The HD and SD versions of your videos will remain available.

    • Michael Gorman

      Excellent message, I agree with you about YT-I tend to use Amazon S3 to host my videos. You have presented a practical solution for overcoming the tyranny of Google.

    • Ale Portillo

      Thank YOU

    • But even with that information, players would nevertheless
      try their greatest to finish the game without cheating.

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, that’s exactly why we can’t rely just on YouTube.

    • Darlene

      This is also identified as stage fright and happens when a particular person experiences extreme anxiety at the thought of or getting to perform in public.

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