Having trouble getting started or stuck on where to go next with your video marketing? You’re not alone.

It’s kind of crazy when you pause to reflect on it. After all, when you can post a video that attracts people to your website, that gets them excited about what you can do for them, that gets you to #1 in the search engines of your choice with just a few keystrokes, what’s stopping you?

Actually, that was rhetorical question. I know all too well what’s gumming up the works.

It isn’t money because this kind of marketing is the least costly you can imagine.

It isn’t content. You have that in spades.

It isn’t even the technical side. That you can learn in our group programs quite easily.

The problem is really in one of two areas.

One: you simply don’t know how to pull all of the elements together; the technical stuff, the writing, the on-camera stuff and the strategy piece. In other words, it’s overwhelm. Coaching will untie this Gordian knot and put you on the path to profitability with video.

Two: the other possible problem is the mental game. I’ve seen so many people with emotional blocks that create beliefs around themselves, preventing them from putting a face on their business. This is a crippling belief and together we can banish it.

To sum it up, the biggest enemy to taking full advantage of what video can do to boost business is uncertainty about what to do next.

At BrainyVideo we want to make absolutely sure that doesn’t happen to you. So, I’d like to offer you a step that can pay off big down the road…a free 30 minute strategy consult to help create and jumpstart your own plan of action.

Clarity on where you are paves the way for figuring out where you want to go and more importantly how best to get there. That’s why I’m offering a few minutes of my time to help you more effectively use yours.

That’s also why I’m opening up the coaching portal for a very brief time. The last time was in 2011. So if you’re seriously feeling like you want to get into the game, grab your 30 minutes and let’t talk about it.

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