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Anyone who’s been following us for awhile may have noticed a few changes to the website. These changes are the tip of a reasonably large iceberg.

In the coming days, I’ll be releasing more content on how to simplify your message, be your best self in all your communications and the three-fold nature of authenticity: inviting your big self in front of the camera (and onto your keyboard), being 100% clear on the message you’re here to share, and the uniqueness that video itself amplifies when the whole technical orchestra is playing in harmony.

But Why a Brand New Site?

Just in the area of video, I see too many people struggling too hard just to get mediocre results communicating their authority. The problem is not always that they lack technical knowledge. The problem is that they don’t have access to their own internal guidance that would allow them to make use of any technical knowledge they do get.

That’s why this website exists.  The old site was about all kinds of information. And I’m still going to be bringing you information about video. But this site is about transformation. It’s about the magic in simplicity. Simplicity is better, if you’re good enough to pull it off. And you deserve nothing less than your best.

Here people can learn, bit by bit and byte by byte, how to project their new understandings into the marketplace, using video, yes, but also any other means of expressing their inner authority that seems right.

I’ve seen what happens when the light goes on for people. You get off the hamster wheel of random tactics that lead right back to where you started. You lose the constant anxiety over the “best” way to market your business.

And you find that you already knew the right thing to do. It just takes a little bit of courage and a desire to learn.

A Useful New Resource

A lot of people are suddenly talking about becoming an online authority by getting more leads and sales. Last year everyone was talking about becoming a millionaire by getting more leads and sales. The year before that everyone was talking about building your list by getting more leads and sales. I think the year before that it was ninja this and that by getting more leads and sales. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for getting more leads and sales if you can handle them. And if you pay attention to where authority comes from, leads and sales will not be a concern.

To demonstrate this approach, I have a new resource to share with you. It’ll help you make every video communicate the authority you already have.

This video will explain it in more detail…

Get “The First 20 Seconds” Script

    31 replies to "It’s Time to Kick Up Your Authority a Few Notches"

    • Steven

      I just discovered that the link below the video was delivering the wrong PDF. Sorry, guys! It’s been fixed now.

    • Joe

      Clicked on link but got the resource list instead of The First 20 Seconds download

      • Steven

        It should work now, Joe. Thanks for the heads-up and sorry for the mix-up.

    • Jaime Espiritu

      Live the concept. Feeding just one teaspoon at a time is good night to make me absorb and master your concept. It’s a lot painless and less daunting.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Jaime! It does have the benefit of working nearly every time it’s tried. 😉

    • Steve

      Love your stuff. Think there’s still a problem: Request for the ebook is taking me to a page about your “Director’s Notes” program/offer

      • Steven

        I think if you wait a couple of minutes the email will show up. I’ll change that page as well. Thanks!

        I really appreciate this feedback! Maybe by the end of the day we’ll be shipshape.

    • Melinda

      Sorry Steve, I have filled out the form twice and it still just goes in a circle to the page for your personal review.

    • Steve

      And, never mind. Got it. Thank you!

    • Melinda

      BTW, love the new site.

    • Tiger Bill

      Hey Steven, I love your new site and your message – but I can’t seem to get your 20-second script. The link in the email takes me to your green screen tutorial page.


      • Steven

        Whaaaat? That’s a new one. OK, let me track it down.
        Was that result from clicking on the button on this blog post?

      • Steven

        I just clicked on the button below the video on this page, signed up, and got the pdf right away. Hopefully this one is all set now.

        • Tiger Bill

          Hey Steven – Thanks so much, it’s all fixed now.

          Excellent info in your 20-seconds script.

          Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Steven

      I think everything is fixed now. If you opted in and got something other than the “1st 20 Seconds” ebook, then please opt in again and it should work with no problem, no matter where on the site you happen to be opting in from.

      Apologies for the initial niggles, but sometimes these things happen on Day One. The baby crawls before he gets in the cockpit and takes off! 🙂

      • Vashti

        Hi Steve… Is taken to “the 60 second” something or other..? I’d that what I should be seeing?

        • Steven

          Well, it’s supposed to be an opt-in for a pdf called The First 20 Seconds.

    • Nancy

      Lookin’ good, Steve – Congrats on your new site!

    • Lucien

      Steve, how do we get to be both an authority and popular like you? 😉

      • Steven

        You own a bikini, right? I think you know what to do next. :))

    • Sean

      Thank you Steve, quality content as always; I like the new site, it is fresh and clean.

    • Sean

      Just a small point, clicking the commentators name opens up their/our sites replacing yours not a new tab; is that the way you want it?

      • Steven

        Sure. Why shouldn’t people be rewarded for helping out?

    • Eddie Oxedine

      It is Great.

    • nancy meadows

      I love your new site and direction. Without fail, what doesn’t change is that you always walk your talk.

    • Pilar

      I love the new look and the new color for your website.
      Don´t touch the eyebrows, they are great as they are 😉

    • Shama

      Good video, good message, useful content in the pdf! Thanks Steve!

    • Shama

      Since you asked about feedback – your site looks nice, clean, and easy to look at, no overwhelm here. The one thing I would like to see is the ability to subscribe to comments. Right now, unless I leave your browser window open, any response from you might escape my attention. An automatic email notification would fix that. If OP doesn’t have this built in, there are plugins that do that.

      • Steven

        Good idea, Shama. There’s now a little subscribe button on the sidebar. It’ll give you the option to get email notifications on your posts, just by clicking a checkbox underneath the comment you’re making.

        Thanks for the idea. We’ll check it out for a little while and see if people like it!

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