Merlin wasn’t just a magician. He was also a master marketer…and strategist. Everything he did flew under the radar, yet always hit his target with perfect precision.

It’s just that our attention has always been captivated by his most famous project, one Arthur Pendragon.

Merlin’s timeless lesson on leading a horse to water and getting him to drink stands today as a case study in attraction that anyone can use as their own.

Copy example included…

    4 replies to "Marketing Magic From Merlin"

    • Stephen Byrne

      Wonderful: thank you!

    • Dennis Bosse

      Great video… thanks.

      Need to remind ourselves our clients want what we want – to be successful.

    • JimSmith

      That’s an Interesting story analogy.

    • nancy dadami

      Love this story of Arthur and Merlin…..I want to empower people too

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