We know that when music is used well, and it’s the right music, it transforms your videos from ho-hum to wow-wee.

But it’s usually hit or miss, unless you happen to know the “secrets” of music selection and how to use music in your videos.

This interview with 4-time Emmy award-winning composer Bruce Zimmerman, will give you invaluable guidance on your personal path to video authority.


Here’s where to pick up your free music Bruce mentioned in the interview:

    8 replies to "Video Music Secrets of the Pros"

    • Nancy

      Steve, thanks so much for this interview. The right music is so important.
      I’m really enjoying your new direction. Please thank Bruce for his gift, and the way he’s offered it so everyone responding doesn’t get the same three tracks. I’m eager to spend time with his library.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Nancy. I’ll let him know. Enjoy!

    • Melinda

      Great video, Steve and Bruce. This is so helpful. Picking music is the hardest thing for me since I am not very musically inclined. I love it, but have no natural abilities. And thanks for the gift that Bruce has offered.

      • Steven

        You and me both, Melinda! We’re lucky to have folks like Bruce in our little world. 🙂

    • Detlev

      Nice one 🙂
      And a generous offer!!
      Thanks to both of you.

    • Susanna Perkins

      Very helpful, Steven. I’m off to visit the library now.

    • Carol Chapman

      Dear Steve and Bruce, What a wonderful gift – those three selections of luscious music. I know I should have chose three pieces that would stay in the background of my videos, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was like a candy store. I went for the selections that moved my soul and warmed my heart! Thanks.

      • Steven

        Nothing wrong with a little audible inspiration, Carol!

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