Have you ever wondered what critical points you should be covering in your marketing? What to include? What to leave out?

The answer is to be clear on neediness vs. needfulness, especially because on the surface they can appear so similar.

In this case, much easier to experience a demonstration than to read about it…

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    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Yeah, it’s all about the elusive feeling level. We long for certain feelings even though we can’t explain them. And we are making videos for other people who can’t explain their feelings either. Like shooting in the dark, isn’t it?

      • Steven Washer

        Not at all. You can be certain of your intent. You can be certain about your value and what makes you different. You can be certain about the values that move you and your audience.

        It’s a matter of focus, not hocus-pocus. 🙂

    • Sandra Zimmer

      Hello Steve!

      Your business name is now Visible Authority and you embody that with your presence and your ease. Your approach, like mine, is more appropriate for introverts, people who are deep and thoughtful rather than quick and snappy.

      What’s different is not as much what you say as how you say it and who you are being when you speak. Your presence embodies gravitas which I define as a leadership quality that allows one to slow down, think deeply and speak for the good of the whole about important issues.

      What is also different about you is the spirit of service. Whether Tao, Yoga, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim, when you come from a detached spirit of service to humanity , you exude an aura of doing what is best for the client or customer. That aura is palpable . It radiates an energy that others can sense and are attracted to because it is not pushy but receptive.

      I think you are doing an awesome job of modeling gravitas used for soulful marketing! I teach people how to relax into a gravitas style of speaking for leadership presence, public speaking and even for appearing on videos.

      Your Fan,
      Sandra Zimmer

    • Susie Verde

      Neediness vs. needfulness?
      I think the answer relies on how much we want to serve and empower costumers through our service and message versus feeding on the culture of dependence that generates sales.
      This so so applicable to my business and how I see it touching and transforming people’s lives.
      Great stuff!

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