Most marketing tactics are just that. Tactics. Neither good nor bad. It’s all in the way you use them. Here’s one that could do anyone who wishes to say something to the world a lot of good, while raising the collective IQ of their entire market.

See if you agree.

    6 replies to "Newsjacking for Thought Leaders"

    • Peter Gales

      As usual. Your wisdom comes with a spoonful of sugar (your style and authentic being) to make the medicine go down. I would like to think that I was already doing this by instinct, but having the formula explictly broken down into three points helps make it more of a recipe than a crap shoot.


      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Pete. Knowing you, I’m sure that’s your approach!

    • Tammy Kabell

      Love it, Steve. Right, as always. My mind was spinning like crazy when you were explaining this topic. It’s a tactic I’ve used before, but not recently. I’m thinking my next YouTube video will be how the 2019 economy and job market affects executives this year.

      • Steven Washer

        Right on! I’ll come watch that one!

    • Janetlee Sellers

      Thank you for your genuineness and visibility and visible Authority! I do this in my writing for the local paper when I’m writing about protecting the forests since we have so many people moving in to the Colorado Rockies and tearing up the forest to build a house and put in a lawn. I hope that people find ways to creatively enjoy their properties without tearing up what was Ohio diverse beautiful and natural. My Bugaboo right now with myself is that I don’t want to get on camera I don’t think I look very good I feel like I look old and clumsy and chubby. if you have any help with that would be great because I don’t mind talking I do online demonstrations of my art classes and things like that but I don’t like looking at myself. I have Toastmasters and I really enjoy engaging the audience and speaking but when I see the photographs of me receiving an award I just feel like put a bag over my head. I know that sounds down in the dumps but I know you have something in your magic bag that could help with that. Thank you I enjoy your videos and I appreciate you so much it’s a bright spot every time I get something from you. By the way I teach movie camp two kids and we have a five-part heavy camp where the kids are the director, the writer, the prop person, the actor, and the cinematographer so they learn group relationships and how to do each roll and they really Thrive with that.

      • Steven Washer

        We all have plenty of things we don’t like about the way we look. But that’s not a reason to avoid the camera. Not. At. All. 🙂

        Having said that, I once did a video about how to reduce the ravages of time and diet:

        And of course, there is the grandaddy of all being on camera courses, Master of Video Presence. 🙂

        Good on you for the camp. My wife does something similar with theatre, writing an original musical every year for kids. The thinking skills, expressing who they truly are and the great way they learn to work with others are gifts that last them a lifetime.

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