There are so many kinds of objections. Some about you, some about your service, some about their past experience. But should that affect you? How do you deal with all those objections?

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    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Decades of self-employment in real estate and all the sales training required make it pretty challenging to prioritize flow over outcome. But, one thing I’ve learned over all those years… I am trainable! Maybe the flow factor can become a habit. I actually want that.

      • Steven Washer

        It can become a habit, and tomorrow’s 5-Minute Authority will give you the exact mental model for that habit. Hope you enjoy it!

    • Marcus Roman

      “Flow sweeps up every objection in it’s path” – nice use of language to make your point. It seems being against everything that appears to be the norm, is always the way to go. Most sales trainers of the past trained on how to handle objections, yet all the heavy-hitters today, hardly mention them at all. I guess it’s because of that ol’ “what you focus on you get” philosophy. If you focus on your client-to-be, instead of closing the deal, than in time, you get to open up a brand new relationship. And isn’t that what everybody really wants? *Yes I threw in an internal tie-down for all my Hopkins peeps*

      • Steven Washer

        Well-said! Yes, that’s surely what they want, but sadly it doesn’t feel as exciting as going in for the kill. 🙂

    • Sandra Zimmer

      Steve – This is a brilliant reminder that FLOW is always the answer to the highest success at everything. For 30 years, I have sought to teach speakers to get into the FLOW State for public speaking as an antidote to stage fright. I’ve noticed that when I am in a sales conversation with a potential client, if I let go of the result I want and focus on giving that person my highest perception about their needs, that I shift into FLOW. I can sense how their energy shifts into that state with me! Suddenly there are no objections that matter. What matters to them is the result they really want. More often than not, that person signs on as a client. Thanks for your brilliant turn of phrase!

      • Steven Washer

        Sandra, I think you said it as well as it could be said. Have you ever thought about putting some of your thoughts on video? 🙂 (Kidding. I’ve seen them and they’re really good.)

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