What’s the most important ranking factor on YouTube? From the
moment you upload your it, it’s the name you give your video. How
you name it and what you name it are critical to people finding it.

But if you use the Romeo and Juliet method, you’ll probably
disappear from history. Find out how to avoid being forgotten in
this 3 minute romp.

    17 replies to "Power of Names in YouTube Marketing"

    • holiday

      Add the keyword to the title of the project when you create the new project? If I choose to change the title before uploading the finished product to YT, does YT only recognize the original title?

      • Steven Washer

        YT recognizes the name of the actual video. YT also recognizes when you change the name in their dashboard. You, on the other hand, are looking for authority for your keyword. So if YT sees the same name in two places describing the same object, that’s a good thing!

    • Lilia Lee

      Like this video, Steve. Very entertaining AND a very important pointer.


    • Morris

      Thanks Steve for the great video. I especially enjoyed the last 10 seconds.
      You’d think your advice would be a no-brainer, but we need just a little reminder that little changes like the file name can have such an impact.

      • Steve

        Well, sometimes we just get distracted and need to be reminded 🙂
        Thanks for the kind words!

    • Billy Delaney

      I am fascinated with video now that I have found you and this site. being familiar with Sean D’Souza makes things even more interesting because I understand the language that you are using here.
      This video was simple and yet excellent stuff.

      • Steve

        Thanks, Billy! And thanks for the shout out in your article last week! Sorry, I can’t find it now or I would link it here. You’re free to do so. It was a good one!

    • Dave Pipitone

      Liked it, Steve! Especially the little preview video introduction as a teaser. Nice job.

      • Steve

        Thanks, Dave! Suspense is a good thing…

    • Michele Welch

      Hi Steve,

      LOL, the image file video name is so funny. Great video. Have to say you are a complete natural… TV background maybe???

      Followed your link from Lilia Lee. Glad I did. I use a lot of video as well and always open to new ideas. 😉

      Have a wonderful day!

      • Steve

        Naw. No TV. I just try to model what I believe anyone could do if they step outside their comfort zone and if it’s right for their market.

        But thank you for the very kind words and good luck with your site re-design. (Mine is way overdue!)

    • Lolita

      What a great video! I love your sense of humor! I am just starting in this, and it is a great help! Thank you Steve!

    • Millicent

      I found your website through Bnonn’s emails about the webinar series with a few of you guys a week or two ago and only today watched a video of yours. It’s so fabulous! Funny, useful, well-organized… Thanks so much for posting it! You made me smile and laugh during it such that I clicked down to figure out if I could comment while the video was still going on.

      Thank you for taking the time to share this information, and for being so wonderfully engaging. =)

      • Steven Washer

        If you found the video useful, that makes my day. Thanks so much for the kind words, Millicent.

    • Angela

      So engaging and very useful! your sense of humour makes it all so much more entertaining and is a good example of how to do a good clip. Great suspense too!

    • Lolita

      Steve! I am so happy that I just can go back to the videos you created and refresh my memory! Right when I am finally doing my video!
      Thank you for all your great work!


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