Visible Authority Private Client Services

When a business is generating consistent income, that's often the best time to begin looking for a way to future-proof your profits.

Today there are two ways to do this: brute force or attraction. Brute force, a persuasive sales team, a transactional approach, the one-off mentality, works for many. 

But if we work a tiny bit harder on the front end, we can automate a path of attraction, which can raise awareness to such a high level that a person encountering it begins to feel sold-out to a set of beliefs for which he or she can find fulfillment only in what you offer.

This places you in the enviable position of having no real competition. And that sets the stage for long-term growth.

And There Are Those Who
Just Want to Get it Done and Don't Feel
the Need to Do it Themselves

We can create this path of attraction for you.

The work is never the same for any two clients. Based on where you are and what you want to accomplish, in most cases it will be about creating the pieces of your attraction puzzle most likely to resonate with your most desired client.

This could include filling out a new lead generation system, with a website and follow-up emails. Or it could be a soup-to-nuts affair, from the 30,000 ft. view of your strategy all the way back to the runway.

It’s about rapid delivery at high quality

This is where we excel. My skills are in listening closely to what your market is telling you and an ability to translate that into advertising and engaging content.

I work with a rather deep bench of skilled and talented artists and programmers who will execute on our strategy at the highest levels of expertise. They’re all Google-certified and ready to deliver, whether at gaining you more visibility for you in the search engines, creating ads with greater ROI, or bringing you pure design excellence.

I say “our” strategy because you and I are working side by side, with my team doing what they do best. Between us, you'll be thoroughly understood and served with rapid results.

The terms of the engagement are simple.

There is no fixed timeframe or penalty clauses. We work together as long as you’re getting far more value than what you’re paying. All I ask is that when it's time to end, we do so with a 30-day wind-down period so that any deliverables our staff is working on can be completed on your behalf.

Getting started

Since we’ll be creating most of this from scratch, we’ll want to speak with you for 60 minutes during the first week. After that, we’ll do all the execution, though after a while you may want to do it yourself, which is A-OK.

Each month the first call will be 60 minutes. We’ll talk once a week after that for 30 minutes each, supplemented by weekly written reports on how our campaigns are doing and what we’ll be doing to better them.

In between each call we’ll be executing on your behalf

The goal of this program is for you to take a relaxed attitude and an enjoyable break from doing all your own marketing, knowing not only that everything is being taken care of, but being done in a way that represents major progress in the life of your company.

Due to the extremely customized nature of the program and the limits on my time, there will be no more than three active clients at any time.

Enrollment is by application.

Serious inquiries only, please.