The Rapid Read Teleprompter Training

How to Become a Teleprompter Specialist

This training isn't really about becoming a specialist per se. I just didn't want to use the word "ninja", and the truth is, if you follow these rather simple rules and instructions, others may well begin to see you as a teleprompter-reading pro.

Some of these ideas may seem strange to you. I've never seen them explained anywhere else, so you may not have a good frame of reference for understanding them. But I'll ask you to take it on faith that these ideas do work. They've worked for me and for my clients for many years, and I know they can work for you, too.

Some of this is step-by-step. Some will require you to see things differently than you may be used to. I'll explain it all in this brief 17-minute video.

Please do EVERYTHING in the video and don't leave out anything. All the steps build on one another, and if you do them all, you'll end up being really comfortable, confident and pretty awesome on camera.

On with the show!

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