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Here's what to do to get ready

I'm very excited for you right now. You're about to get off the hamster wheel of tactics, find the big you inside, get good enough to be simple in the expression of what you do, and understand how to use video to amplify your uniqueness.

One of the things that ties all of these together is deciding on what 3 or 4 things you're going to talk about in all of your videos. They should be based on what you like doing best in your business.

They should be big enough to talk about for years to come, they should be ideas that matter to you, ideas that a 9 year old could understand, and most of all, ideas that you wouldn't mind being known for.

I just told you my 4 ideas in the first paragraph. Believe it or not, this is a big deal. You'll find out just how big a deal it is very soon.

So if this isn't something you've thought about very much, now would be a good time to start writing down your thoughts.

Look for your link to the Masterclass as we get within a few days. And if this seems too wonky right now, don't worry at all. It will become clear during the masterclass and you'll even have time to work on it with my help.

See you soon!


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