Resources For The Visible Authority


Easy Greenscreen Success


Greenscreen doesn't have to be difficult, but it does need to look really good. With a buyer's guide and short, simple, information-packed lessons, this free course will take you from clueless to novice to sensei, and rather quickly.

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Master of Video Presence


The role you play in the lives of your clients needs to be seen on camera. This goes well beyond the advice to "be yourself" and all the way to mastery of your on-camera persona. After all, you can't be yourself until you know yourself.

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The Video Launch Code


A complete sales and marketing system that leverages your uniqueness in your own videos. Get noticed by the people you want to work with...Simplify and amplify your message using our proprietary Content Carousel method.

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Mentoring & Mastermind

The Inner Circle


Very small group bi-weekly lessons and live help on everything from lead magnets to on-camera performance; from technical skills like lighting, shooting and audio, to copywriting and content marketing. Members craft their personal sales and marketing approach using the Content Carousel method. Maybe that's why they stay for years at a time.

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Visible Authority Private Client Services
$2000/mo. and up

For small to medium-sized businesses with above average commitment and resources, ready to solidify their positioning, extend their reach and gain greater access to the marketplace. Possible services include: Search engine visibility, digital lead generation, digital relationship campaigns and mindshare tool creation.

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Have questions?

Each week I set aside two "Interviews With the Director" for those who would like to discuss the possibility of working together.

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