Greenscreen is so great. And the studio is so reliable and revs up so quickly. It’s the very best way to broadcast authority I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Oh, wait. Come to think of it, yes I do.

And this is something anyone can do.

All the ingredients are now baked in. Just add your phone. 🙂

Starting today, back by popular demand, a VERY special resource. But just for a brief time, then it goes back into the vault. 😉

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    • Mel Hardman

      Would please share with me the software you are using for text generation/animation? Your videos and your presentation just keep getting better and smother all the time. You’re truly a master at it.
      BTW…. I’m working on a detailed video showing & explaining the trade indicators that have been working so very well for me for the last two years. I plan to share the video with close friends. You are on my list. Hope you’re finding enough time to continue your e-mini trading for a couple hours each morning. Haven’t had a report from you in some time now.

      I’m going to start buying some advertising on Google and Facebook, hoping it will help me reach more wounded warriors. Any suggestions as to how to make it most effective?

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks for the kind words, Mel! As to buying ads, yes, that’s a rather involved topic. Just ping me offline and we can discuss in more detail.

        • Steven Washer

          Oh, and about the graphics software. I’m using something made specifically for Final Cut Pro called LenoFX.

    • June

      Anything more intuitive to use than final cut pro and Lenofx?

      • Steven Washer

        Final Cut is incredibly intuitive now. But if you had asked me that in 2011 it would have been a much different answer. And the built-in fonts and graphics are just fine. I used them for years before I added LenoFX this January.

    • Randy

      Awesome information, Steve! I really appreciate it. One question. How do you do those changes to close-up and waist-up? They are seamless. Two cameras?

      • Steven Washer

        Not quite. It’s just 4K footage, which blows up very nicely.

    • Christy Foster

      Steve, I have missed you! I am going to do a few videos this weekend for my Psychosomatic Work with Carole Friesen. I finally have my teaching certificate from her to move forward with my own business. I am excited to start the video process with my phone first. Your information is always so helpful, thank you!

      • Steven Washer

        Nice to hear from you, Christy. So you are going out on your own now? You’ll be great on camera!

    • Perry

      Steve, I always learn a new trick (or three) from you. Using a light stand vs tripod is genius. Thanks mate!

      • Steven Washer

        Always a pleasure, Perry!

      • Steven

        That looks fine, Stan. The only questionable part might be the reversible adapter. Will the surface area be thick enough to allow the phone adapter to attach firmly? It should, but I suppose you’ll find out soon enough. 🙂

    • Stan Robinson

      Thanks so much Steven! I’ll try to find out before ordering, otherwise I’ll go with the Impact product. I liked the idea that this one comes with a carrying case.

    • Stan Robinson, Jr.

      Thanks so much Steven! I’ll try to find out before ordering, otherwise I’ll go with the Impact product. I liked the idea that this one comes with a carrying case.

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