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All it takes to be an authority is...

For years I obsessed about the "best" way to approach everything I was trying to do in business. Getting the right autoresponder, the right WordPress theme, the right camera, the right copy.

And that usually came down to who ELSE was using it. Then I would more often than not learn that it was a case of the blind leading the blind.

It was confusing popularity for authority. Popularity is easy to spot. Authority? Not so much.

I wish someone had created a webcast like this back then. One that focused on what I needed to find within myself and then take to market.

It may sound simple, but that's what made the difference. It's just that it's not an overnight thing. It takes awareness. Then it takes practice. Most people don't want anything to do with either of those. They just want the money. And I get it. Who doesn't want the money?

But that's a dividing line when it comes to being an authority. So if you're just looking for another tactic, there are thousands of places online you can find them. I wish you the best of luck.

Another "must" in becoming an authority is the willingness to persist. And that's really why I create these episodes each week. It's good to have a reminder when you're having "one of those days".

Becoming the authority and then expressing it is what this webcast is all about. If you'd like to join us, I'll be happy to watch your authority grow in response to what you're learning; about yourself and about how to express your authority.


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We value your privacy and would never spam you

What People Say About The Broadcast...

"I know I don’t do enough with video, but what I do get done is better than I could possibly have done it without you and your incessant quest to help us bring good work to our clients. The example you give is really incredible and I am very grateful to have found you… it’s been so long now that I can’t even remember how that happened, but I know it was one of the Best Days!"

- Allison Rapp


"You always have the cleverest ways to explain the all-important basics so that we actually understand them and can apply them in our videos, Steve. This in and of itself is a talent, one that you’re a master at. I’m sure I’m speaking for all your fans and followers and they agree!"

-Sheryl Kurland

"I very seldom leave comments on blogs, but you have become one, it not the, “marketer, teacher, and video guy I look forward to getting an email from. You always provide great, usable content, and are great at allowing us to glimpse into Stevie Land. Keep up the good work..."

-David Midgett


"I’ve been enjoying your tips for a long time, not only because they are great value but because the delivery is fun, novel and light-hearted."

-Virginia Huupponen

"Of all the ‘video gurus’ I have watched and am aware of, your style of authentic, relaxed and inviting style of delivery is a total inspiration to me. When I think about being in front of the camera, which I have been practicing, I want to come across with the same easy, relaxed energy and authority."

-Paul Cutright

"Just a very quick thank you, Steve. You make everything look so effortless – the hallmark of authenticity."

-Zara Pradyer

"When my husband and I started doing videos he was so nervous about being in front of a camera, but we watched your videos and read your newsletters and now he is so much more comfortable. I am sure we have a lot more to learn and we look forward to taking advantage of your new material."



"Steven, you are a good storyteller. I should have known! :Loved the message, effects, music bed and “set.” I’ll always be a fan!"

-Glenda Bonin


"Very inspiring, Steve. You’ve made me see the missing ingredient in my videos; what I can add to give them much more appeal and impact. I’m going to build a new one….directed to our wounded warriors as my target audience. Using the techniques you’ve outlined, I know it can be much more effective.

Thanks again…for all the inspiration you give us."

-Mel Hardman

"My inner voice told me there was art I could make with video; it didn’t have to be marketing related. What a relief! Thanks for that."

-Michelle Twohig

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