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45 responses to “Teleprompter Training”

  1. Wowww…

    Steve, this solved 99% of my problems within 20-30 minutes.

    I love writing and tend to do so as if I were writing to a friend .. but when producing scripts I made them too formal ..mistake number one!

    Watching this video I soon discovered many more mistakes. And I kept asking myself why can I stand in front a of live audience and have no problems; but be so rubbish in front of a camera?

    The answer suddenly dawned on me. In the live situation I was me. But when I stood in front of a camera I tried to be someone else!

    I reached the third section of the video and realised that I didn’t really need this bit so much. As I’ve read from the cueprompter in part two I’d already added in my movements. In fact the hardest thing for me is to talk without using my hands .. head, shoulders .. and even my feet to dance a bit!

    Thanks Steve. I owe you one.

  2. Very comprehensive Steve – thank you. Great attention to detail and exploration of the subtleties in Teleprompter use. A skill to master for sure.

  3. Steve…. marvelous advice! Wish I had you as my coach back during the days of my broadcasting career. So many of those talking heads on TV could really benefit from what you explain and the way you explain it in this video.

    • Those folks may never know how easy they have it.

      Their prompter may be up to 20 feet away, so they have parallax working in their favor, (no eye movement can be detected).

      Thanks for the kind words, Mel!

  4. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much for all of the work you do to help us get better at video. This is one of your best videos yet!

  5. Hey Steve,
    This was a great training- super instructive!
    I have one question: what do you think of voice-activated prompters? Would you recommend any brand in special?

    • Great to see you, Susie!
      Amazingly, there is still only one solution on the market, but it works great when you use a mic with it. It’s called PromptSmartPro and works with both Mac and PC tablets.

  6. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate the concept of having the words jump off the page. That’s much easier than rote reading.

  7. You’re the best. I’m willing to try it again now…I just need to stop wanting to edit the script on the run which gets me lost and miss my point…which makes me lose my PG rating.

  8. Thanks so much, Steve. You always have such valuable and usable content in these videos and, as usual, managed to solve one of my biggest problems with video at the moment – taking all day to shoot a 5 minute spot – over and over and over again!

  9. Very good. Years ago I followed your suggestion and got a teleprompter from Prompter People. However the software they use is not that good, the hardware is great. For that reason, I used Powerpoint slides to use the teleprompter. But always had to be clicking to change the slide. I run a PC. What is a good, fairly priced software package I should look at for the teleprompter I use. I do not have a tablet that I can use with this system. Any help would be appreciate.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 45m

    • I’m still using my Prompter People hardware, but I felt the same way you did about the software, so now I use software called simply “Teleprompter” for the mac. It’s a download from the app store and works on laptops and computers. It’s for when you’re using a regular monitor for your teleprompter, as you would be with most of the Prompter People hardware.

  10. Thanks Steve,
    I have repeatedly tried to use a teleprompter, but had been unsuccessful in making it look natural. Your tips are great. I have practices them, they seem to make a big difference, and I am looking forward to my next recording session to see how much difference they make!

  11. Thank you so much. β€œIt’s better to think how you might say this certain thing to a friend (rather than write it down as an important point, then translate it later into how you might say it, and then write that down)” – priceless: thank you!

  12. Hi Steve and thank you for this terrific training!! It’s always a pleasure to watch and learn from you as you really are such a master of all this. I love how you always incorporate the inner work – I do the same in my teaching as it’s so important. This was one of the best trainings I’ve ever seen online and I’ve spent thousands on various programs over the years. Thanks!

  13. Great stuff as always, Steve. After 5 years I am still using my primitive method of running the teleprompter software on a laptop screen with the camera positioned right above the monitor.

    So my eyes are a tiny bit below the lens, but as long as I am far enough away from the camera, it is not noticeable.

    My entire studio is still primitive and rigged up, but it has created me a good and profitable business, in part thanks to your advice and input in the early years.

  14. Really interesting video.

    The biggest problem I have with using a teleprompter is finding the right speed for it. When we talk naturally we don’t say everything at a constant speed. I find that some parts of the script I get way ahead of the prompter and I have to wait for the prompter to catch up with me, while in other sections I’m struggling to keep up with it. I guess this is why people say having someone to operate it is essential.

    On a related topic, many of the things I want to put on video are already powerpoint based talks that I give and so I don’t need a script per-se but I do need to be able to see the powerpoint slides – but I’ve never found any software that will allow me to play a powerpoint presentation mirrored on an iPad so that I can use it with a teleprompter. Do you know of anything that does this?

    • To get the rate right, you practice once or twice, then either tighten up the text or leave spaces in the places you want to pause.

      As for using powerpoint, the best way is to simply play the powerpoint and use your remote to advance the pages.

    • I think having great word choice could be very powerful in a ministry, though you’ll probably want to leave room for the spirit moving you!

    • And it’s there just to show you how to make that happen in your videos! (I hope). But thank you for the kind words, Leslie!

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