Most marketers who give you advice about online video like to “tell” instead of “show”. So with everything you’ve read about online video, have you ever actually seen the results of doing what most advisors tell you to do, especially when it comes to your image, audio, composition and your own performance? Well, it isn’t pretty. But don’t take my word for it. Watch as this simple video undergoes a rapid transformation into the exact kind of video you are advised to make on a daily basis…and you be the judge. In this case it might be the direct result of Stevie causing mayhem, but if you can use it to learn with, that’s OK by me… By the way, the ebook at the end has been replaced by this one. Pick it up and you risk seriously upgrading your marketing skills. )

    5 replies to "5 (or so) Myths About Online Video (According to Stevie)"

    • Naomi

      I absolutely cannot stand the sales videos that have no controls. I never watch through the whole thing and go “Next!” Love these five myths! Definitely on target.

    • Corina

      Nice message love the humour, and respect for the time it takes Steve to do this green screen and clone effect etc of you….the editing, shooting etc to give us value,, fun and learning all at the same time!

      ****By the way nice end subscribe template quickstart download kit and video you added was that background template done in photo shop or powerpoint or something mice orange gradient.

      wish list….future teaching form you
      One day could you do a video of when you make use of delivery talk to camera i.e. your teleprompter set up, how close you have it, method you use to read ( do you have some words in bold to remind you to emphasize certain words for example) yet so natural and clever look away glances as if at times pondering in thought and then carry on speaking very nicely all done!

      Many of us I feel would get a lot from that…

      • Steven Washer

        Hey, I’m just glad you found it helpful and amusing. Yes, I built the end template in Photoshop.
        I’ll think on the teleprompter video…

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