Wouldn’t you like to know the absolute best video fonts for conversion?

This video will show you my current favorites based on testing and from watching other successful videos out in the wide world of marketing.

Plus, you’ll learn the criteria for selecting your own from among the thousands of fonts available.

So here by popular request, my favorite video fonts of 2013.

Oh, and I kept the camera rolling near the end even though I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room.

An important lesson in not being careless with your greenscreen!

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    • Carl Street

      Seems appropriate — hattenschweiller could be loosely translated as “suffering severe illness or injury” in German — Wie passend, Mein Gott!… 🙂

      All good stuff Steve. Generally, serif fonts do NOT work well in transmitted light environments, however, you CAN resolve this limitation by using a combination of shadowing and glow — appropriate to the BG color scheme AND increasing the leading and kerning values to avoid blogging.

      Sans-Serif typefaces are the preferred style for transmitted light and also can be enhanced with appropriate shadowing and glow — leading and kerning caveat still applicable — have the added advantage of beveling and extrusion and even lend themselves to texturing.

      Just some thoughts…

      Best always,

      Carl Street

    • admin

      True, but often you can’t add enough shadowing and/or glow to make a big enough difference. It may not work with the rest of the video. So for the sake of simplicity I divide them that way to make your life easier 🙂

    • Bill G.

      Hey Steve,

      Your videos are enlightening and entertaining, as always. Your emails are some of the few that I look forward to receiving.

      By the way, what software do you use to create your videos?

      Thanks for the continuing great content!
      Bill G.

      • admin

        Thanks, Bill! I use Final Cut Pro X for editing and various others depending on what I’m creating.

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