For the last few weeks we’ve been diving ever deeper into the technical mysteries of video. I just want to remove any remaining obstacles for you at this point. Then I’ll be able to sleep again.

So if you have ANY questions, no matter how slight or simple they may seem to you, now is the time to ask. Because 1) they aren’t slight or simple. If you have them, at least 10 more people do as well, and 2) a rock is a rock and still needs to be removed.

So in just a week I’d like to invite you to attend the free Great Techy Webinar of 2020. I last did one of these in 2014. This seems like a good time to update it.

To register for the replay, just go here.

    12 replies to "The Great Techy Webinar of 2020"

    • Mel Hardman

      I so admire your ability to read from a teleprompter with never even one hint that your are! How you can put in all of the little pauses and gestures that make your on-camera persona ‘come alive’. With my years in radio and even hosting a talk radio program, I’ve never been able to project the on-camera ease that you have. I’m looking forward to your webinar.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Mel. Looking forward to seeing you there!

      • Jeff Baum

        Mel, I completely concur with your awe at Steve’s on-screen presence and teleprompter skills.

        But, I have even more awe for Steve’s creative, concise script-writing skills and story-telling talent!!!!

        Steve, you are going to cover your scripting secrets in the Techy Webinar, right? 🙂


        • Steven Washer

          Gosh Jeff, that’s not exactly techy stuff, but I may be able to find the time to squeeze a few tidbits in if people want it. And there’s no reason it couldn’t have it’s own webinar, I guess. 🙂

    • Paula Franetti

      Looking forward to my first webinar with you, Steve. I can’t help but believe it will be more valuable than I could ever imagine!

      • Steven Washer

        Oh, OK. No pressure! 🙂

    • Randy Clark

      Is hanging a green screen from a blank wall (hanging the screen loops from hooks mounted on the wall) just as good as using the stands and clips?
      Thanks for all the great information and inspiration!

      • Steven Washer

        Sure. That will work fine from a production perspective. You can even stretch it from side to side by nailing it into the walls horizontally.

    • wayne dean

      Thanks Steve. You are my #1.

    • Paul Cutright

      Hi Steven ~ First, I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar. When I got the message you were going to do it I knew I had to be there, after following you for years! You are the best role model for being on camera I have found.
      It was everything I hoped it would be. I learned a lot of things I have had questions about and things I didn’t even know to ask about. I appreciated being selected for some feedback on my set up and was happy with your comments about my lighting. As photographer, I had some idea of what I was doing! Now I will start using my lavalier which I’m doing today.
      I also have a discovery call coming up with you which I am very much looking forward to.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Paul. It helps to have a good eye when starting out, though much of this work is about learning to see with the eyes you already have. 🙂

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