Everyone likes to talk about the power of story in your marketing. So do I. But I wonder if you know why story works the way it does? In spite of the fact that we’re not supposed to ask the dreaded “why” question (for fear of getting bogged down in irrelevancies) I think it would be smart to understand this concept better. When you understand exactly how story works on the mind, you begin to appreciate the power in your hands. This means that the stories you tell will: Have more strategic themes so you your leadership is more effective… Condense your marketing messages into smaller chunks, so you get more done in less time… Entertain your audiences so you increase the like and trust factor and they are more inclined to stay with you… Lead with messages that hit just the right note, leading to more conversions… Knowing the power of story is a gigantic competitive advantage. This video will not just tell but show you why, and if you model it, show you how to do it yourself.

    3 replies to "The Higher Power of Story"

    • Sam Thatte

      Wow! Steven you are truly the master of masters at not just videos but at telling stories. That was a very inspirational story about Jessica! What an amazing young lady! Does she speak? I mean is she a public speaker and does she tell her story? Would love to watch that.

      • admin

        Thank you, Sam. Yes, from what I gather, Jessica does do motivational speaking. She is amazing.

    • Alan Clark

      Wow! As Sam says, what an inspirational story. Thank you Steve.

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