This is something that strikes at the very heart of good faith selling. How do we know when our desires have directed us to operate in the shadows?

As with most things worth your consideration, the question is more important than the answer. The answer will come to you, if it does come, only when you allow the question to roll over your tongue like a fine wine, or a really good chunk of 70% dark chocolate. 🙂

Here’s a hint. Our limbic brain, that amazing fight or flight machine, is always trying to take over the controls. And indeed, it does fly the plane for most people. If only they knew they had Stevie at the controls, they might not be so complacent.

Your business is potentially a very, very powerful force. Best to look in and see who’s sitting in the captain’s seat from time to time, just to make sure it isn’t Stevie. And if you aren’t careful, that could lead to asking a very powerful question:

What would happen to your lead generation if you lost all fear about creating content?

Something to ponder on a mercilessly cold winter’s morning…

It's good to be back. Thanks to all who have posted and sent emails. If you have questions or comments as we go through this, post freely. We've got a ways to go yet!

    7 replies to "Manipulation – Easy Button #9"

    • Perry Lawrence

      I am SO loving your videos Steve, welcome back! Please keep ’em coming and consider a Nayru jacket… or a toga 😉

      Either way, I’ll be watching as these have me completely captivated!

      Al the best

      • Steven Washer

        High praise from the master! Thanks so much, Perry.

      • Michael Yardney

        I meant to say great to see you back Steve. I hope you’ve been well
        I like the he new format and content

        • Steven Washer

          Thank you, Michael. Good to see you here as well!

    • Susie Verde

      Hi Steve,
      It’s great to see you back on production again with the TAO OF SUCCESS!
      Getting more inspired by the minute-:)

      • Steven Washer

        That’s great, Susie. With the work you’ve been doing, I think you’re going to have a pretty amazing 2018!

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