Because of how it makes them feel when they experience it, many would define marketing as the manipulation of thought and feeling for the purpose of extracting money from a stranger’s bank account.

But when it comes to doing their own marketing, what models do they have to choose from? So…yeah.

I’m more interested in attraction than manipulation. When you look deeply enough, you discover that the structure of great marketing is startlingly similar to that of… a bagel. Yes. A bagel.

Fortunately, with the right ingredients, anyone can bake up this marketing treat.

Here’s our recipe…

    4 replies to "Your Marketing Bakery"

    • Steven Speliotis

      “…translate the benefits of their work into the language that their future clients speak that problem in.”
      … trust… allow the path of attraction to take place…
      What is the problem I’m solving for others?
      … and helping create a better life for others…

      Thank you Steven for this wonderful thought provoking message….

    • Consuelo

      You are so right! is a process and it need time to learn how to tune it up, Thank you for the message

    • Tammy Kabell

      So would my company tagline be based on the crunchy outside or the warm, soft inside? I think of my current tagline of “We help our six-figure and seven-figure clients find their perfect job and get paid what they’re worth.”

      This is the ultimate result we provide, and not just an individual answer to a nagging problem, like getting no calls from your resume or bombing a job interview.

      What’s your recommendation on taglines and leaning more toward the outside or the inside of the bagel?

      • Steven Washer

        Taglines are the crunchy outside for sure, but at the very least they’re in harmony with the deeper levels. That just means that when a client looks back on it later, there’s no cognitive dissonance. Hope that helps!

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