Every day people make business videos in hopes that other people will take action after watching them.

That’s a steep hill to climb. Think how tough it is to get anyone to do anything, even standing right in front of them.

Of course, some people do this video thing quite successfully without even realizing what they’re doing.

Others have no luck at all even though they’re consciously and carefully doing the “right” things.

What’s the difference?

I think it’s this…

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    • Ronald Ross

      This is one of your best messages as you go to the heart of the speaker, the authentic message he/she wants to communicate. Good stuff, and again I say, GOOD STUFF.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Ron. Your videos exemplify all this.

    • Tammy Kabell

      I can attest that I get a lot of comments on my YouTube channel that speak to “great advice!” or “nice tip!” – in other words, they’re commenting on the information I’m conveying…. which is all good stuff, of course.

      However, the ones that actually take action and set up a time to talk with me? Well, in our conversations, they don’t mention the information on my videos… they consistently talk about my “energy” and my “infectious enthusiasm…” I guess that’s my presence, or persona, isn’t it?

      So the ones that become my high-paying clients? They’re attracted to my charisma, my energy. My emotion. So you’ve nailed it, Steve. That’s what my paying clients want more of, and that’s why they’re always looking for “Tammy Time.”

      Thanks for broadcasting this truth to the world – spot-on advice. And I LOVE your presence on camera.

      • Steven Washer

        Good point. And it’s both your presence and persona that make the difference. 🙂

    • Richard Mowrey

      Thank you for the look at the “target” within the “target” for high-value video communication!

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, and please, no need to stress about the fact that it’s also an invisible target. 🙂

    • Prema Qadir

      Well, Steve,

      You have a fabulous advantage!

      You’re so debonaire – confident, stylish and charming.

      You get the video thing done quite successfully.

      You could never make a bad video.

      = 8< )

      • Steven Washer

        While it’s nice of you to say, it took rather a long time for me to work this out.
        My first videos have already been wiped from the web. 🙂

        We all have a natural persona that needs to be embraced, nurtured and developed. And got so interested in it that I created a course for developing your own persona. It’s good to keep in mind that the worst thing one can do is try to imitate someone else. Because no matter what you look like, how you dress, act and speak, there is a natural persona you gravitate toward. And that is your native communicating “genius” if you will allow it to come out.

        And as for never making a bad video, well, that’s more aspiration than reality. But I will keep trying until I get it right.

        Thanks for your comment, Prema!

    • Steve Munford

      Thanks, Steven

      I always get value from your content and this one was perfect timing for me. I also purchased your course on Udemy.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you kindly, Steve! I hope you found it valuable.

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