Today we’ve reached the 4th episode in our teaching series on making your own video series. The thing is, nearly anyone can make one video. But for many, making a video series seems like the highest mountain you can climb. If this describes you, you’re not alone. Even those who should have no problem with it at all, those in the video business themselves, simply won’t do it. Maybe they feel like they shouldn’t turn on the camera unless someone pays them. I don’t know. The point is, that for nearly everyone in business, a video platform seems like a bridge too far. And yet it can replace 1,001 other things in marketing that simply waste your time. Recently someone asked me to share my series production process, and I realized something I’ve never said in public before. I didn’t even share it at the time because it was still hiding in a dark corner of my brain. Eventually I decided it was too important to keep to myself. It’s how I keep myself sane when everything else around me is going haywire. It lets me produce consistently at the level I like, and even push the boundaries once in a while (like with the video you’re about to watch). I offer it up with the expectation that it will work as well or better for you than it has for me. By the way, here’s Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 in the series.

    7 replies to "How to Create a Video Series Pt. 4 – The Secret to Making Multiple Videos"

    • Mike

      Thanks for sharing your excellent wisdom Steven.
      I am working on my web blog site and developing it and am hoping to get into video a little later.
      I’ve been playing with editing software and making a few samples with “what I’ve got’.

      Also I want to commend you on the healing you have received on your voice.
      You have progressed marvelously and I enjoy your precise tone and voice inflection.
      With my hearing aides, you come thru excellent – Congrats.

      Thanks again,
      Mike S.

      • Steven

        Thanks so much for your kind words, Mike! Glad you enjoyed the video.
        Yes, this whole voice thing is thankfully behind us now.

    • Stephen Byrne

      Very useful: thank you. I especially love the idea that, WHEN you have a short set of videos in mind, then the one you’re working on right now becomes “an act of pure generosity” (7:20). And the reason I like this so much is, the thing which often stops ME is not so much the time it takes to do things well BUT RATHER the anxiety I might not have anything else to say afterwards.

      • Steven

        You’re not alone, Stephen. I’ve been in that spot way more times than I care to count. Rest assured this simple idea will chase that “what do I say next?” anxiety away if you just step into the process.

        And yes, one reason it works is that you can’t be both full of anxiety and generous at the same time!

    • Lucien

      I thought sure you were going to say that the secret ingredient was extra virgin olive oil.

      Great video as always!

      • Steven

        Thanks, Lucien. 🙂

    • Susan Gregg

      Love this weeks video – one week ahead – what a GREAT idea. I have a good idea make a video and then wait for the Muses to inspire me. Well if I did that a week ahead I could easily make a video every week instead of one once in a while.

      You are sucha gift Steve.

      Thanks, Susan

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