We take it for granted that the video we make is the video we’re going to see in our browser. Well, sometimes that just isn’t the case. When the unthinkable happens, we need to make adjustments.

This video will show you the worst browsers (yes, there’s one even worse than Chrome!) and what to do about it to get your videos back to looking alive again.

[Note: Of course, since the video is being shown from YouTube and is being seen on a browser, it’s being altered from the original. So the video has been designed to show you things in context. The way to understand it is to compare the images to one another, not to an invisible standard we can’t actually see here.]

    2 replies to "The Unbearable Darkness of Being…on Chrome"

    • Janet L Sellers

      Thank you for that tip. So if I understand you correctly we add luminance at this point I am not as Adept as I used to be with movies and screens but I look forward to learning more. Thanks again

      • Steve

        Yes. Many programs call it brightness, by the way.

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