Unless a business is seen as unique, it’s hard to get traction. But what makes a business unique?

I think we make this more difficult than it needs to be. Aside from a few basic factors, it doesn’t take a lot to make your business to not only look completely different, but be different as well.

And that has to do with you, as the face of the company.

Here are two very simple strategies you can use today, that will help you find your uniqueness in a few minutes, then transform that uniqueness into clients.

That part will take more than a few minutes, so let’s get started now! 🙂

Here’s where to get the free course Steve mentions in the video.

    8 replies to "The Uniqueness Trap"

    • michael krisa

      As always Steve another great video tip!

      BTW this new theme you are using is it Optimize Press?

      Many Thanks,

      • Steven

        Thanks, Michael. Yes, we use OP2. 🙂

    • Stefan

      Steve, I just love the way you build humour into some really serious advice.

      And the new logo really works well .. with a cross bar in the A 🙂

      • Steven

        Hey, no fair looking into the Way-Back Machine! 🙂

    • Mark Simko


      I like the rebrand. It’s less informal than Brainy Video. I hope it works well for you.

      Was the decision to rebrand accelerated by the hacking of WordPress on the old site? Did you ever discover if it was a plugin or WordPress itself that allowed the hack?

      Good luck with the new brand. Looks good.

      • Steven

        Thank you, Mark. With WordPress it’s usually a password issue, though we’ll probably never know the real reason. I had a lot of sites on the same server, which made it worse.

        The timing of the decision had little to do with the hacking. I actually had a new version of BrainyVideo that I had been working on, but it was still missing the mark. It was really more about my own gnawing conviction that we were missing the big themes that make video work like we all want them to.

        • Mark Simko

          I admire your courage! It takes a lot of that to take the leap on a rebrand. There’s a fear of loss, which can overwhelm the lure of gain.

          Did you have a design firm help you?

          The logo looks good. The aperture in the logo is iconic, it immediately says volumes about what’s to be found here. That is enormously important.

          Favicon is nicely iconic as well.

          What thoughts went into the colors you chose? Were you going for a particular feel or posture with the choice of gray and red (Indian Red?)?

          • Steven

            Thanks, again! The logo was from a talented designer. Glad it communicates! All the rest was out of sitting on this idea for almost a year. So it wasn’t courage as much as feeling like a caterpillar needing to turn into whatever comes next.

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