YouTube & G+ might not seem like a match made in heaven, especially in these early days, but the potential for your business to profit from this is kind of amazing. The problem is that people are confused about what the changes mean and how to navigate them profitably. This Hangout-On-Air with Ronnie Bincer, the Hangout Helper, will help get your show back on the road. Enjoy!

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    • Larry & Pat

      We are about to launch our new biz and will have short, direct-to-camera videos on our YT channel. As a new biz do we use Google+ at launch (another thing to learn and do) or add later and concentrate on YT and FB?
      Thanks for this very informative info.

      • Steven Washer

        Whether you use G+ or Facebook is all about the kind of business you have. If it’s more consumer-based, then maybe Facebook is your ticket. If it reaches out to businesses, then G+ is probably better. But without knowing more, it’s hard to say.

    • Larry & Pat

      Steve, our new biz customers are social drinkers and drivers. So our audience is consumer based. When our website goes live we will send you the link.

      Thanks for the reply.

    • Peter Gales

      Nice job gents. One elephant in the room question for me at least is this: is this instead of or in addition to Facebook marketing? What marketing niche does this fill or is it this and forget Facebook and twitter?

      Ok more than one question, but you get where i’m going.

      • Steven Washer

        If you read the reply above you’ll get a sense of where this is going. Think G+ for B2B and Facebook for B2C. Obviously there’s more to it than this, and we’ll follow up in due course…

    • Grace Mendez

      Thanks for this video. I have a page and I have a profile. The best part of your video was helping me understand the differences between the two.

    • Howard

      Steve, I’m definitely not completely connecting the dots yet.

      I have my YT channel and G+ set up. Even though I have good underlying SEO on my blog, I have seen a little bit of a pop with activating my G+ authorship. So I get that it helps. Not moving mountains better, but noticeable somewhat.

      But what more am I supposed to get if I use HOA vs a standard webinar? Will it be material or just a little pop? Thanks.


      • Steve

        Do you know what a Hangout is after it’s done? It’s a YouTube video. Google kind of likes ranking their own properties, plus the social signals are a lot more robust. This is another ranking factor.

        Google Hangouts aren’t always the answer to every webinar, but they can be used very often to great effect.

        • Howard

          Agreed. But I would otherwise simply process my video and upload to YT myself.

          So on one hand HOA uploads to YT automatically, but on the other hand quality is lesser. I mean your videos are pretty much always “nicer” than the HOA example above.

          I have this feeling that I’m missing that big Aha! moment where the HOA. Sorry to be so dense.

          • Steve

            One is not a substitute for the other. Hangouts are a replacement for gotomeeting, not doing real videos. I was just pointing out that there is a lot of flexibility, cost savings and convenience in using Hangouts if you are speaking to groups live.

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