Let me introduce you to Jaeny Baik of Jaeny Baik Media.

I met her at a conference in Vancouver last week. Jenny is an awesome media personality with some great advice for being on camera.

In this brief video we’ll give you a couple of powerful tips to keep your head on your shoulders (literally!) when you’re in front of the camera.
I can’t believe I’ve never discussed this in public before.

By the way, we shot this on an iPhone with no mic and no lighting as the sun was setting, so please excuse the million dancing pixels!

Take it away, Jaeny…




    15 replies to "Two Powerful On-Camera Performance Tips"

    • Jeff

      Steve and Jenny,
      great little informative and immediately useful tips video, thank you so much. The tip about getting the head back properly aligned was spot on, thanks

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jeff! Sometimes it’s best to record these ideas when they’re fresh in your mind. What you lose in detail you might make up for in use value. The trick is to be succinct…

    • Susanne

      As a massage therapist, I appreciate the lesson. That’s a simple way to help clients be mindful of the forward-learning head, neck and shoulder posture causing problems with computer use. The tips are also golden for making better videos. Thank you, twice!

    • Göran Mörkeberg

      Nice tip about how to hold the head, but if you feel pain doing it you are NOT doing it right.
      Go and see a feldenkraispractitioner so you can learn to do it without pain.
      Because if any posture or movement causes you pain you wont be able to keep on doing it.

      • Steven Washer

        Good point, Goran! I love that we have the Feldies (Allison Rapp’s affectionate term) here helping out. Thank you!

    • Lucien

      Steve & Jaeny

      Thank you for the quick tips. As I was waqching the video I found myself doing exactly what you had pointed out. I will now be forever conscious of my neck & chin. I will probably start noticing other people’s chins with a critical eye as well. Life will never be the same. I always enjoy your videos. Please keep them coming.

      • Steve

        We’re all about transformation here at BrainyVideo, so you just made my day, Lucien!

    • Scotty

      You always share ecsactly what I need when I need it.
      Thanks Steve!! 🙂

      • Steve

        Happy to bring the mojo, Scotty! 🙂

    • Nadia Giordana

      Thanks for the tips, especially the chin thing. I had never heard of that before.

      • Steve

        Right! Just don’t forget to have the lens at eye level first. That way it will work as intended!

    • Dave Pipitone

      Great tip for the nose and chin, Steve & Jenny. I watched a video that a coworker took of our company president and his chin was way, way up. The “video crew” made put a poster of this script above the camera and his eyes looked up above the camera and his chin was up, too. It didn’t look very good. I’m going to share a copy of this video with him.

      By the way, did you use a natural outdoor background with this video or was it semi-green screen. I noticed a slight glow outline on your shoulders. Maybe it’s my eyes…

      • Steve

        We really did shoot this video right outside my room on the balcony overlooking the trees. The artifacts in the shot are due to the fact that the sun was setting and the sensor was straining to pick up all the details. This is something to keep in mind when shooting with an all-auto setup. 😉

    • Tom Taylor

      Here’s what I love about your work, Steven:
      You get an inspiration to share your knowledge and you do it — no hype, no fanfare, so sales pitch — just flat out valuable content.

      The two “little” tips in this video — as in so many others — help raise the level of quality we produce so that our content is imparted, while subconscious distractions are greatly reduced and even eliminated.

      For what it’s worth, I was so into the message that I saw NONE of the tech. glitches! Now THAT’s communicating skill.

      Thanks so much for all you do, Brother!

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