Have you ever wondered about all that stuff that goes into video intros (and outros of course)? Like…when do you use them? When do you not use them? How do you make them? What do they really do for you? Are they just a big waste of time? Well, today you can get answers to almost all of those questions. Along the way I’ll show you both what to do and what not to do. (it was kinda fun shooting the “what not to do” part).

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    • Peter Sandeen

      Hi Steve,

      I just started to edit my first video (interview with Danny Iny about “How Marketing Works”), which I’ll publish early next week.

      I hit the wall when I started to build the beginning (with iMovie); I didn’t really know how to introduce the interview series… I guess the question, “What should the intro say about me/my brand/the content?” should give me some ideas. Thanks for that 🙂

    • admin

      Yes. It’s tricky to ask it to say so much in only 10 seconds, but it should be done. The pros get paid many thousands to come up with something, so you can know it’s worth the trouble! 🙂

    • Nick

      Great information. Very helpful.
      Thank you!

    • Cathy Paine

      Hi Steve!
      Yes, this is just what I’ve started trying to figure out. I’m learning Power Point (I know, I’m way behind the times) and seeing lots of possibilities – too many, in fact! All information is helpful at this point.

      • admin

        You’re welcome, Cathy. You might want to start with a simple powerpoint moving graphic for an intro. Mine isn’t much more than that anyway!

    • Marty

      Thanks Steve! Great advice. Seeing the beach, and hearing the waves at the beginning of the video calmed me right down and allowed me to focus on your message. Very effective.

      Looking forward to more inspiration!

      • admin

        Thanks, Marty. I’m really glad it worked for you!

    • Donna Papacosta

      Love this, Steve. Your videos always set a great example for what to DO.

      • admin

        And your website is a great example of how to use inspiring video. The “little girl growing up” piece was amazing.

    • Homegrown Art

      Thanks for sharing, Steve. Always helpful to learn from the pros. I look forward to next week’s video, so I can learn more. Did you use a green screen for the shore? So cool. 🙂


      • admin

        I did use it for the shore and for everything else in the video!

    • Spence

      Thanks for your tips. Looking forward to more!

      • admin

        Of that you can be sure 🙂

    • Grace

      Hi, Steve.

      As always – great information! But I’m confused about one thing. Toward the end, you say that an orientation video doesn’t need an intro – and then right after that you say that videos intended for people who don’t already know us DO need an intro.

      Isn’t an orientation video intended for people who don’t already know us? Or am I *totally* confused?


      • admin

        Aha!! You picked up my point. You’re not confused, just not fully in the know of our system.
        My theory is that people, most of them anyway, have seen you at least once before they come to your website for the very first time. So it’s not inconsistent. We’re just continuing the dialogue.

        • Grace

          Hmmm! Interesting theory.

          My theory is actually t’other way ’round, especially since most of my business is referral-based. So a client tells their colleague about me, and the colleague goes to my site to check me out before getting in touch – and the site is their first contact with me.

          Sure, there are also people I’ve met in person who go to my site after that initial meeting. But wouldn’t it make more sense to err on the side of caution and include the intro?

          • admin

            It depends on how you’re using your website and the kind of video. I’d have to study your website to make an individual recommendation. There really are videos for which an intro doesn’t make as much sense. That orientation video could use a short version, but I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it on the home page.

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