How to Use a Video - Based Attraction System to Be the One Everyone Wants to Work With

The simple tools, training and strategy that will help you show up like no one else in the world.

Get a "Master's Level" Education in the Art and Science of Creating Attraction and Persuasion With Video

Discover how the Content Carousel delights audiences and makes your competition irrelevant

Create irresistible invitations that grow your list with enthusiastic members

Make your videos better than any in your market with simple tweaks that bring big results

Find your focus on one form of lead generation you can master (with our help)

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How the Content Carousel Builds Your Market Authority

  • You Being You

    The system features YOU. No more searching for an elusive uniqueness. There is no one like you. You just have to allow you to BE you.

  • Simplicity Itself

    The system allows you to do the same activities over and over, growing more powerful every time you practice it.

  • Show. Don't Tell.

    With video it’s easier to DEMONSTRATE how you help people. There is no more effective proof than this.

  • Getting Attention

    Speaking from the heart will get more attention than hiding behind unproven claims. And the word will spread about you.

  • No More Gimmicks

    No more “just one more thing and you’re there”. You’re already there. Just use the system.

  • Authenticity is King

    Authenticity is prized if not practiced widely. Here your authenticity shines, creating a shock of delight throughout your audience.

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No More Funneling Humans.
The Carousel Turns Prospects Into Stakeholders.

I call this marketing system The Content Carousel. It looks simple and straightforward from the outside. On the inside it's more subtle. It's based on just a few themes you want to be known for, and this takes some thinking time on both our parts.

This is very different than what is happening in marketing today.

Most marketers like to show up once a year and sell a lot of stuff to as many people as they can, because that's their only chance "at bat".

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

We just don't need the complexity, the incessant measuring of the unmeasurable, the hiring of personnel to maximize each step of the process, the insanely long videos, the dwindling effectiveness of a technique everyone knows all too well, all of it done not knowing if this is what people want.

Using the Carousel, one simply shows up and does the work for an audience who actually WANT to hear from you and would miss you if you were gone.

Here's The Video Launch Code Plan

Engaging with Technology

I've double-distilled my 20+ years as a video professional down to just the necessary tactics and strategies for making engaging videos. You'll enjoy learning how to shoot and edit with these simple yet elegant tactics and recommended software. And you'll learn how to use the best web technologies to run your business.

Engaging with Content

This is the very heart of The Content Carousel. Here we'll define your themes and focus in on the highest use of what you already do to engage those who can most use your services. Without this piece, nothing else would be of much use. So we'll work together on this until you're very secure with how you want to proceed. And since your content is so bound up in who you are when you're at your best, you'll learn how to be at your best on camera with my exclusive strategies for creating on-camera presence.

Engaging with Marketing

Here we'll deploy your The Content Carousel in a series that builds in power and attracts your most desired client over and over again. By determining your access points and service offerings, you'll build a simple and engaging way to attract sales day after day.

Doing Lead Generation

Consistent lead generation is the life-blood of your business. This is what truly leverages your content. Knowing how to find those people and get them from where they are to where you are is the trick. For everyone it's a little different. We'll find your best neighborhoods and devise a way for you to reach them on a daily basis.

The Visible Authority Agreement

Committing yourself to becoming a market authority is not some small thing. When a person decides to take this on under my care, I take their trust very seriously. So here's what I think someone should be able to expect from me.

You have the right to expect me to be up on anything you have informed me about.
You have a right to a 30-day guarantee on every training program we offer.
You have the right to a personal followup after you’ve become a member.
You have the right to expect our best effort at all times.
All we ask is that you also give this your best effort.

What Does Success Look Like?

My job is to give you the strategy, training, tools and skillset to FEEL LIKE YOURSELF in front of a video so you can communicate your uniqueness and become an authority in your space.

Quite frankly...
Nervous people don't convey authority...
People who can't look you straight in the eye (or camera) don't convey authority...
People who can't laugh at themselves communicate insecurity, not authority...
People who have no idea how to communicate a message certainly don't convey authority...

So how would you build your business and increase your income by being YOURSELF on video and standing out to the people you are meant to attract unless you can say something like:

I make the best videos in my space…

They almost force people to see me as an authority…

They reveal the deeper levels of expertise I hold…

They inspire trust…

They make my audience experience a shock of recognition as they almost call out, "You’re talking about me. Tell me more!"

Isn't that worth making your content first rate?

I will prepare you, perhaps better than anyone, to show up with IMPACT and authority in front of your future clients and customers.

The choice is simple.

Look at MY videos... look at THEIR videos, and decide which path you want.

What's the Ultimate Result?

Those who have mastered The Content Carousel can write their own ticket...

  • They know how to make a video that converts.
  • They become seen as a thought leader in their market.
  • They sell more by demonstrating more effectively.
  • They build trust in their circles.
  • They exude confidence on camera.
  • They're no longer tempted by shortcuts or shiny objects.
  • Their videos are far better than any in their market.
  • They never have to worry about "launching" again.
  • They can create marketing that builds their business.
  • They can actually feel good about the marketing they create.
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The Good Karma Guarantee

Who wants fire and brimstone raining down on their heads, right? So here’s the deal: if you don’t like the program for whatever reason, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. You can let me know anytime during the first 30 days by sending an email to, and I’ll refund your purchase fully, same day, with my thanks for giving it a try.

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  • I understand the price I will be paying today for the entire 8 month program is $1,275.
  • I understand that I will be receiving personal support from Steve to help me set and achieve my goals.
  • I understand every effort has been made to accurately represent this service and it’s potential. I understand earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the training, ideas, techniques and the effort they put forth.
  • I understand that after making my payment, I will instantly receive login information giving me immediate access to Week One of the The Video Launch Code online portion of the program. (IMPORTANT: be sure to whitelist email from "").
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How is the course delivered? +

We work through the content for 4 months
We do two months of implementation
Each participant gets a personal plan from me, a checkup half-way through the program and an assessment at the end of the 6th month.
There are 2 group implementation/Q&A webinars per month
Everyone gets 24/7 access to the Greenroom for additional feedback and advice on your personal situation.

What if I can't be there for a week or two of the training? +

All content and group calls will be embedded on the member's site, so you can always catch up later. Also, your access never goes out of date.

What kind of experience or background do I need? +

None to speak of. This is from-the-ground-up program, so it assumes nothing about your background. A lot or a little or none at all is the amount of experience with video you can bring. Whatever your experience level, you will learn something new.

What kind of a budget will I need for equipment and software? +

If you don't have anything at all, you might spend up to $1,000 getting all the lights, a camera, mic, backgrounds and whatever else we decide on. But we'll have an approved list of items that go well together, and we'll also talk about it if you have questions once you actually start shopping. Doing video right is an investment, not an expense.

What you acquire now will serve you for years to come. Every day I'm still using the same lights I got back in 2010 and also get daily use from a microphone I bought over 10 years ago!

Other questions? Email me at steve@visibleauthority for a prompt answer.