Discover How To Make Launch Videos That Sell.

Here's What the Guru Didn't Tell You In That Marketing Course

Houston, We Have a Problem.

Anyone who takes an online marketing course or two quickly learns how a good set of pre-launch and sales videos will insure the success of their own product launch.

The thing is, they don't learn how to make those videos. Not in the marketing course. This leaves them with the idea that creating this hot set of videos is about as difficult as sinking a 6 inch putt.

But that's not the case. Especially when someone is starting from scratch. They soon discover a million and one details they never knew they needed to understand. And so upwards of 90% don't launch successfully.

That's why I decided to create a new course called "The Video Launch Code". It gives you the step-by-step on everything you actually need to know to create a highly engaging set of launch videos.

Because Making Good Video Kind Of Is Rocket Science.

There is so much equipment and software that isn't compatible, or that isn't right for you, it's too easy to make the one bad choice that throws off your whole game.

Example: Because the camera doesn't play nice with the editing program, all the footage needs to be re-compressed before you start editing. The hours you lose on that process you never get back, and reduces the quality of your final video.

Example: The super-expensive fancy lights you got sold have mis-matched color temperatures, so your greenscreen videos will not come out right no matter what you do in your editing program. Hey, light is light, right? Wrong! In this case, what you can barely see hurts you quite a lot.

Example: The microphone purchased on Amazon for $129 seemed amazing until you tried to hook it up to your camera, only to discover it uses a USB connection, and your camera uses XLR. Another few weeks typically go by before you feel like taking on that issue again.

That's just a few "gotchas" in aquiring your video technology. Then there's actually using it. Then there's the web technology and human technology. I could go on and on, but the point is launches are not some little thing. They require thoughtful planning, intelligent use of resources and careful execution.

Now You Can Bypass This Time-Sucking Logistical Nightmare

Having the right execution plan is the only way to end all doubt about how to execute your launch with video and have the best chance to pull in the sales you're looking for.

My system gets you 90% of the just have to follow a simple set of instructions.

  • Choose the technologies work best and work best together
  • How to light and film yourself so you look younger and at least 10 lbs. lighter
  • How to use your microphone. Yeah, people have them but still don't get the benefit from them.
  • How to use the 6 parts of your editing program you really need, and leave the rest alone.
  • Discover how to arrange your backgrounds to support your message.

Here's What You're About to Discover...

First of all, that there's more than one kind of video launch. Why not learn all four?

All Roads Lead To Rome Launch

Your videos don't just have to be on one page. They can be everywhere, drawing in your right audience from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and paid ads. This is a brilliant way to extend your reach and provide enormous value at the same time.

Plus, there's no need to promise to sell someone else's stuff when you have no idea what it is they're selling or how they will treat your list. This kind of launch bypasses all that noise.


It's exciting to see your launch everywhere at once, even with no affiliates!

The Platform Launch

Many launches are about easing into a business elegantly and profitably, not sucking all the air out of the room for 21 days until your audience says "Uncle" and buys from you. The dirty little secret of internet marketing is that this creates astronomical refund rates and bad will. It also sets you down a path it's hard to come back from.

Not to get too preachy here, but it's easier and less stressful in the long run to avoid this in the first place. Let your launch do the right thing right off the bat, and you'll be so different you'll build the kind of fan base that no one else can copy.

(Just as an aside: This course is part of a Platform Launch)

The Platform launch is a magnificent long-term strategy

The "Classical" Launch

Jeff Walker's sideways sales letter has now been with us for 10 years. It's a proven way of doing effective video launches...for some very talented, high-energy folks with enough belief in themselves to power a small city.

We do them all the time. But they are quite a bit more complex than you've been led to believe. There are a tremendous number of moving parts that must line up perfectly in order to pull this off.

Try to do it by yourself and you have about a 1% chance of succeeding. Use the information inside this program and you increase your chances by 90%. All you need to finish the job is some desire.

The classical launch can be very effective

The Teaching Launch

Most direct response marketing is aimed at the 5% of your market that's looking to buy now. This launch is based on educating the other 60% who didn't know they could be ready.

What it does is open up their awareness with a combination of big ideas, belief-building, and a clear delineation between the education marketing videos and the sales video. This is a fairly advanced technique, but a very powerful one.

Probably the highest impact launch of all

Now you can choose which launch best fits the way you want to do your marketing!

Now You're On The Superhighway To Video Superpowers

I'm not going to turn you into a full-fledged video producer, but you will shortly know a whole bunch of things you really need to produce high-quality videos anytime you want.

Specifically, here's what the course does:

  • Gives you the threshold of quality from what doesn’t work to what does. Ends doubt about how good your videos have to be.
  • Gives you the best and most cost-effective technologies in use today with an eye toward tomorrow. End confusion about which technologies work best.
  • Gives you a clear step by step roadmap for how to write, shoot, edit and deploy your launch videos.
  • Shows you how to adapt direct response strategies to live video. It’s different when you’re on camera. You can’t hide behind your words. What do you do instead? We’ll show you.
  • Gives you my recipe for great lighting, broken down in a simple set of ingredients and instructions for what to get and how to set up and use.
  • Shows you what microphone to use - Get my recommendation for the most awesome mics today. They aren’t what anyone seems to be recommending. I don’t know why, unless all those video guys out there are complete morons.
  • Shows you what editing program to use - Mac or PC, I’ll personally recommend the right one for you. Having the right editing program will change your life and make your work so much easier. That way you’ll actually do these videos!
  • Shows you what needs to be in every video so that it converts - you got a lot of stuff from the gurus, but they aren’t doing in their videos what they tell you to do. Do this instead and get results.
  • Shows you how to write a script that actually works - if you want these kinds of videos to work you have to brag about your many accomplishments for 20 minutes before you start teaching. At least that’s what you might think from what you’ve seen in the past. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can respect your audience’s time and still make sales. We’ll show you how.
  • Shows you how to design or arrange your backgrounds - Messy, cluttered backgrounds say a lot about you; none of it that leads to sales. And it’s amazing how little it takes to make a background look horrible. We’ll help you fix that problem, even if you think you have nowhere to shoot right now.
  • Shows you how to do Greenscreen perfectly - this is often the answer to the background question. But hardly anyone does it right. After you take this course, you’ll be among the few who do.
  • Shows you how and when to use music - Sometimes music is the perfect addition to a moment. Sometimes it’s not needed. Sometimes it’s a downright distraction. When do you use it and when do you leave it alone? We’ll show you how this works in launch videos, so yours come off with just the right blend.
  • Shows you how to edit your videos - Editing, when done well, is like a magic trick, in the sense that your audience doesn’t see what’s happening. They only feel the effect of it. I’ll show you how to keep the energy moving and your audience paying attention all the way through.
  • Shows you how to make videos with no people in them - For whatever reason, some people will no put themselves on camera. If that’s you, never fear. These kinds of videos aren’t that hard to make. We’ll take you through a simple step-by-step process to get these done right!
  • Shows you a repeatable process for every product you want to launch
  • Shows you the principles of good landing page design, so your videos look good on the page even before they play.

How The Course Is Delivered

This course gives you complete and thorough video instruction on everything I talk about here, with pdf supplements, plus a class forum where you can actually get my feedback.

Plus - Take Your Videos To A Whole New Level of Quality

It's no secret I use carefully selected backgrounds in my videos. That's made possible by Greenscreen and Color Keying in editing. These days I wouldn't think of making a sales video without it.

So to help you make your sales videos as good as they can be, I'm gifting you my course on doing greenscreen, Easy Greenscreen Success. It's a very simple and easy pass at doing this well.

In fact, it's exactly what I do with all my videos now. Easy Greenscreen Success sells for $97 every day. And now it's yours.

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The 30 Day Instant Rewind Guarantee

You can take the course then decide if it has been worth your while. The course is 30 days long and so is the guarantee. If there’s anything that doesn’t suit you, let us know within the 30 days for a prompt, no hassle refund of every cent you paid.

The Bottom Line

Doing video by yourself can be lonely. Doing it by yourself when you haven't a clue about the right equipment is just hell. Not knowing how to use what you've got is another ring of hell. And putting it all together is the 7th ring. This is masochism of the first order, for cryin' out loud.

I don't want that for you. Besides, there's enough bad video out there. We don't actually need any more of it. You certainly don't.

Whether or not you take the course is not the point. The point is to raise your awareness and skill level. If you can do that in other ways as quickly as we do it here, I salute your ingenuity. But if you like my approach, I invite you to try it.

I'll take the risk. (See guarantee above)

What is the Cost of the Program?

The course is $997.

During the next 5 days there is an early bird price of $497.

If you're launching, or considering a launch, you could do much worse than to know you can make it happen now.

If you still have questions, email me at for a prompt answer.

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