How can The Boho Dance, vulnerability and Joni help your business? In this video, we put the ground level tactics on pause. Instead, let’s take a 30,000 foot view of your business to learn a more useful way of thinking about authenticity and vulnerability. So the next time you create some marketing to go in front of your ideal clients, you’ll know even before they see it, how they’ll respond. Oh…and how a certain kind of video makes all this happen. Just clickety-click away…

    8 replies to "Video Marketing, Vulnerability and The Boho Dance"

    • Shama Kern

      I loved this effect where you slip out of your body or cast off the heaviness or whatever you call it – pretty cool – have to find out how you did that.
      Hmm, it says no replay for the greenscreen video. It happens at 3 am my time. I thought you would make it available to members??
      I had to escape from Chiang Mai for a couple of months due to seasonal extreme pollution during the burning season. That leaves me in a hotel room with no chance to do anything about my video work for at least two months. Well, better no videos for a while than getting lung cancer in Chiang Mai. Sometimes you just can’t get it all in life. But sometime in May I should be back in video action.

      • admin

        I guess you can’t get it all, but it seems like being able to breathe isn’t asking all that much.

        Don’t worry about the webinar. It will be archived in the private member’s area of The Video Brain Trust. It’s a good thing you’re a member! 🙂

        Please stay safe.

    • Sharon Rosen

      Steve, you are just the coolest…using a wonderful, not-so-well-known Joni song that I love, and never totally caught the lyrics to! Thanks for always offering amazing value along with lots of fun and encouragement. You knock it out of the park every time I watch…

      • admin

        Thanks, Sharon. And now you know a goodly chunk of my iTunes as well! 🙂

    • Carol

      Steve, you certainly present with likability, professionalism and uniqueness, love your style, every video you send communicates how knowledgeable you are on your subject. Looking forward to learning more!

      • admin

        Thanks, Carol! I hope the breakdown was helpful to you.

    • Lisa

      Steve, you are the best!

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