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Creating a web video series WILL get you off the hamster wheel.

This series is not about learning how to make a video. No one ever gained a client by learning how to make a video.

But if you actually make one and do a little marketing with it, that's a different story. And if you can turn that one video into a series, the benefits are legion.

Now we're talking about creating a powerful place for yourself in the online universe. We can even start talking about thought leadership.

And to speed you on your way, you'll receive another must-have resource on a weekly basis.

The 60 Second Authority is a free video series about a few things that are crucial to the creation of your own series. It's about getting off the hamster wheel of tactics, finding the big you inside, getting good enough to be simple in the expression of what you do, and understanding how to amplify your uniqueness.

And here's something that will help you start that first video, specifically, the first 20 seconds of that video, the place where you are most likely to make or break that first impression.

There's an incredible amount of psychology going on in those first few seconds. And in this document, we've broken it all down for you and given you the formula for structuring it to get the kind of attention you want and need.

Pick it up here, with my compliments.

Something relaxing for a rainy Sunday afternoon...

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