Your website is the hub of your entire online ecosystem. It works very hard for you. So the last thing we want to do is make its job even harder.

That job should be making you more visible, attractive, easy to understand, easy to engage with and ultimately, the best choice over everyone else.

Is your site doing that right now? If not, most of the time there are fairly simple things you can do to right the situation.  We’d like to help you get a head start on that by finding the leaks, the blocks and the hurdles getting in the way of your online reputation. 

The process couldn’t be simpler. After you press “Fetch My Audit”, the audit will start building right in front of you on this page. It should take less than a minute. You’ll also get a pdf version delivered to your inbox. 

If the two versions differ, just refresh the page and start over. Sometimes things go kaflooey online and 9 times out of 10 a refresh will solve the problem.

Good luck!

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