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You Can Make Astonishingly Good Greenscreen Videos!

You will never suffer from ring around the crown again. With the simple and intuitive insights gained from this course, you'll get rather incredible results from the simplest of setups. The key is in the things most instructors pay no attention to.

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The Location Primer

For Way Better Backgrounds

Make all your locations, from webcam to movie cam, look perfect for the kind of video and audience you have.

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The Video Blogging Resource List

All My Favorite Tools!

These are all my favorite choices for getting the highest quality while spending the least amount of cash, no matter what your level of experience or expertise.

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The 27 Videos That Build Your Audience, Grow Your Authority and Raise Your Sales

These are 27 videos you can make that will make a big difference in your world. Go inside and pick out the ones that will work the best for you!

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The First 20 Seconds

Start Your Videos Like a Pro!

Change minds and hearts and show up as an authority, when you start every video right.

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The Secret Structure of a Viral Sales Video

The Secret Structure of a Viral Sales Video

A video that runs less than 2 minutes and sells more than $2,000,000 is something worth studying. So I did. And I found something astonishing. Writing an awesome sales video can be so much easier than you thought.

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