“You got to know ’em better than they know themselves.”

That’s the song I’ve always heard from the marketing guru choir. This is one of those ideas that sounds so appealing on the front end, but when you consider how life actually works, it doesn’t really pass the smell test.

So then what can you know about your audience that will move the needle?


Note: I’m still on hiatus, working full speed on a new program that has created 6 new shooting spaces in the same area as the 2 old ones. This video was shot in part of one of them. Thank you for your patience as we inch ever closer toward our audacious goal of empowering entrepreneurs with more video-related expertise than I’ve ever been able to offer before, and all by the end of this year.

I hope you’ll be among the first.

    1 Response to "What Do I Need to Know About My Audience?"

    • Janet L Sellers

      Thanks again Steve! You helped me believe in myself which helps me move along or stay still and do what I need to do. Thank you.

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