In sales, so much happens below the surface that language almost gets in the way.

Here’s how to use a very simple turn of phrase to spring-load curiosity about what you do…even if the first twenty results on Google seem to do that same thing.

It will also give you an answer to the surprisingly difficult question: “What do you do?”

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    • J. L. Sellers

      thank you Stephen! Indeed what do I do? Are used to say hello I’m Janet Sellers, I offer top quality art instruction for children and adults. I need to come up with my soundbite.

      What I really do is help people use where they are to get to where they want to be in their art creative self…that sounds a little woo woo so I’m wondering how to put that into words people can “get” and keep as a take away.
      Maybe I can say, “…people come to me to learn how to do what they want in their art. I use classical art techniques to help them achieve what they want to do.”
      if I were telling that to you would that be the answer you want to hear and they could hold on to? I often spend a good 15 minutes to half an hour explaining all this stuff and at the end they’re either very warmed up or not to take the class. I also need these schools for getting my art sold… maybe I could say,” I make art that feels good well I make it and I hope it makes your day when you see it”. I know that is sincere but a little awkward… Thanks for any input from you or others here I appreciate it.

      • Steven Washer

        Well, this is not so much about finding clever words to explain what you do as it is about understanding what people really want and why they want it. When you know that, the words just sort of flow; not unlike the way your brush flows over a canvas.

        What they want has to do with why they want to learn art. What are their drivers? What is it about the aesthetic sensibility that makes life so fulfilling and what is it about mastery of that medium that helps you achieve a consistently higher quality of life? That’s your job (joy) to explain, based on your experience and insight.

      • Michelle Twohig

        Well, as an artist who at one time could’ve been your target audience (I’m digital now), I *think* you’re promising to help people be proud of the art they create…to go from feeling tentative to feeling confident in bringing what’s in their mind’s eye, onto the canvas. The fact you use “classical techniques” to help people do that may or may not be necessary to add, depending on the audience you want. To me, it sounds limiting, so if you could say you use everything from ______________ to classical techniques in your courses, it feels more inclusive. Just my 2 cents!

    • Nancy

      You make this simple, thank you. I realized I have to get very clear on the transformation I offer before I can create my what I do response. You inspire me to become a better version of myself and for that I am grateful

      • Steven Washer

        Ditto 🙂

    • Michelle Twohig

      How’s this:
      When people find a way to experience the mindfulness they enjoy when out in nature or with horses in their own homes, they can access peace and joy on demand. I offer that through my art.

      • Steven Washer

        Definitely strong on the first half. Not sure about the 2nd half. It sounds more like an alternative than a doorway. A nice alternative, though.

        • Michelle Twohig

          It was meant to be a doorway, so help me understand…maybe if you could tell me what your doorway is to connect what you offer to your transformation/deliverable statement of “When people can broadcast their best selves to the world, they become market authorities” it would help. I’m assuming we should answer the *do* part in “What do you do?” with something that leaves no doubt what our part is (or why choose us) on the path to the transformation/deliverable. No?

          • Steven Washer

            I’m not sure it’s possible to leave no doubt in a first conversation. But sure, as much as you can while also reading the room.

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