One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “What camera should I use?” In this followup video to last week’s introduction, we put 5 cameras through their paces, shooting the same footage. If you’re undecided about what camera to use, you’ll be undecided no more after watching this short video series. Hint: the answer is not in that YouTube thumbnail (heh)

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    • Laura G Dicus

      Hi Steve,
      I’m really enjoying your vid series and the comparisons here were eye opening. I do have a request for a subject… editting software. You had mentioned one in your interview with Molly Gordon (sorry, I can’t remember the name but I think it’s by Apple… starts with an “f”) but I can’t find a PC version of it. Is there a program you’d suggest for us PC users?

      • Steve

        Love your sense of humor, Laura! For the PC, if you’re just starting out use Camtasia or Pinnacle Studio. They don’t have obscene learning curves. I’ll make a video on this sometime soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • cheetu

      Really helpful video; I may not get these gadgets in India, but now I am much aware of what I should look for..

      Thanks A lot.


    • Eddie Oxedine

      I would like to make a blog for seniors and I would like to do shots in my car I have seen some on youtube and some are pretty good. There is a couple of them where the guy is talking about his travels around the U.S. what would be the best camara on a low budgit?

      • Steven Washer

        In a car you don’t have to worry about audio as much because you’re so close to the camera. So even an iPhone would be fine. But if you want a real camera, then a Kodak Zi10 should do the trick.
        Good luck!

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