One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “What camera should I use for my YouTube videos?” If you’re undecided, you’ll be undecided no more after watching this short video series. (Spoiler Alert: The answer is NOT necessarily what the YouTube thumbnail is showing 😉 And um…please ignore my meltdown at 5:48. Oh, well. Here it is:

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    • Neil Smith

      Love the video! I’ve seen EOS’s here among European tourists. It must be our beautiful scenery they are seeking to capture.
      I can’t wait for the next video.

      Even though I’m still on the sideline…


    • Steve

      Yes, the EOS is a true revolution. Maybe if you try it you’ll no longer be content to stay on the sidelines. 🙂

    • Ken Pike

      Steve, You just made my day! Thank you!

      My heart sank when the Panasonic Camera appeared – I could only begin to imagine the larger size and even larger cost of what might follow…
      And then my new camera appeared – the Canon EOS 550D! (U.K. ‘Branding’)

      I have not tried much video on it to date: I’m a stills man so far 🙂 and have been for the past 40 years. The 550D certainly takes great still photos, so I will be watching the series with great interest.

      My main query I guess is likely to be – what sort of microphone will work best with the 550D?

      Look forward to the next video.


      • Steve

        Not surprised that you haven’t tried much video with it yet. It’s a bit on the wonky side. But there’s that picture…
        Thanks for the astute question about the microphone. That will be covered.

    • Dana Wilde

      Hi Steve,

      Very informative and helpful video . . . as always!

      I”m just wondering if you can offer a suggestion as to what would replace the Kodak Zi8. The Kodak Playsport maybe? I have the Zi8 and just LOVE it, but am really unsure as to what to recommend to friends in the “new” department. Seems unbelievable that Kodak would discontinue this incredibly popular and useful camera. Any help you can give in this department would be much appreciated!

      Thanks so much! Looking forward to your next video . . . good stuff! 🙂 Dana

      • Steve

        Thanks for asking! Sure Dana, you could recommend the Playsport for new. The Playsport is in the same category as the Flip. In the next video I’ll be showing ways to conquer the audio problem this brings up, and why manufacturers are making low end even lower 🙂

    • Shama

      Love your presentations Steve. It is possible to do pretty good work even if the camera is not so great if you use a good video editing program to spruce it up a bit, i.e., more sharpness, better colors, more light etc. This can be a good interim solution until you have the money to buy a fancier camera. You can get a good editing program for less than $100.- or even use free ones.

      • Steve

        Shama, that’s a good point. Editing can spruce it up quite a lot, (though it can’t actually add more light) but shooting it right will help even more.
        Then just imagine how much more you can improve it with editing! And it’s also true that a nice editing program can be had for under $100. The free ones are quite limited, or require pretty extensive computer knowledge, but it’s hard to argue with the price 🙂

    • Brett Clay

      Great camera review, Steve.

      In my studio I use the Panasonic HPX170 connected to a BlackMagic card and CS5.5.

      You’re right that I have a business to run and shouldn’t necessarily be in the video production business. 🙂 The challenge is that part of our business these days is producing video. Here’s an article I wrote that mentions these trends.

      BTW, the camera in that video is an Xacti VPC HD2000 (nice little camera for taking to conferences). When I bought it a couple years ago, it was one of the few cameras with a mic jack.

      • Steven Washer

        Hi Brett. That’s actually the second time I’ve visited that article. Great minds, huh? 🙂

        It would be good for lots of people to learn from it. Your setup points to yet another level that people who wish to be thought leaders may want to aspire to. Because at some level, we are all in the communications business, and he who communicates the best, reaches the most people and his thoughts get the chance to lead.

        Thanks so much for sharing your article with us!

    • Allison Rapp

      Thanks for this, Steve! We were using a Zi8 for a long time — mainly because of the external mic — and I just loaned it to Hope for the SOS course. Currently working with a Canon Vixia… glad to see both of them on your list. Phew! Escaped the ” You never get the right one!” Gremlin this time!

      • Steven Washer

        Very nice of you to loan it out! I’m looking forward to getting the course rockin’ with all kinds of cameras!

    • Monique Johnson

      Hi Steve! Great video but just to let you know… it is very possible to do green screen and white screen using the Kodak zi8. Actually quite easily! I have done it numerous times! If you are a Mac user, imovie simply does it and PC users and/pr Mac users can user After Effects; FInal cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. It’s all about the lighting and using the editing software.

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