Sure. Video is important to your visibility. I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Of course video is more than its technology. It’s really YOU and that person on the other side of the lens. And who THAT person is is more important than anything.

Let’s take a little trip to Connection Island, where the sun always shines but, you never get sunburned.

    3 replies to "What’s the Most Important Skill in Marketing?"

    • Jeff Harrison

      Steve. This could not have come at a better time. As someone who provides the list of services you describe our goal is just this, listen and understand what our customers want need or desire and then help be that bridge.
      Your reminder helped get it even deeper by realizing each customer is on their journey and for me I need to be able to give them a more personalized plan.
      Thank you Steve

    • Stefan


      Fascinating and insightful as always.

      When I read your headline my thoughts went straight to understanding people … because marketing is about people. And I would give this answer wouldn’t I? And anyway it’s a glib answer.

      But you took it further and provided more insights that made my glib answer come alive. Ohhh and you made me smile.

      Thanks again Steve.


    • Leslie

      Another good one, Steven.


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