“Karma is what happens when we deliver ourselves.”
Guy Finley

I think we’re not supposed to talk about this kind of stuff, because it hints that something may sometimes go amiss in one’s life, but that’s why we should talk about it, so I hope this is a real encouragement to our community of Visible Authorities.

Life can get quite rambunctious with our most precious plans. And one of the most rambunctious times we go through is when we get unhappy in our business, for WHATEVER reason.

When that happens, we often feel like we should take some kind of massive action. Sure seems like a common sense thing to do.

If you don’t like the results you’re getting, go for some better ones, right?

Well, here is why that’s possibly the worst idea one could possibly imagine, and why doing nothing is actually the hardest kind of work…and the most rewarding, if having authority is a goal worth achieving.

This is so NOT a video tip. But it could give you something to put ON video that will get you and your whole world really excited.

It’s also something that’s never failed me, and if you ever find yourself in this position, I think it could help you, too.



    6 replies to "What To Do When Business Goes Sideways"

    • C C

      Great thought Steven. Many might not realize the importance of this message. I’ve found that we really do have to embrace being lost. Don’t do something rash. If nothing comes up in your mind, then just wait. The time isn’t right yet. Above all, what I’ve noticed is that in this day and age of social
      Media, we all must be 100% real. The game playing that was possible in the past, no longer works anymore. Even if we don’t see most people we deal with face to face anymore, so much is done online, it seams our senses have become very in tune to people’s energy through the web. Almost like a type of ESP and people will call your bluff right away. With my company, I have to reflect on every message I put out into the world… is it truly authentic? Is it truly me? Do i really mean what I say? Love Guy Finley!

      • Steven Washer

        Good questions, CC. Today social media posts are often considered an afterthought and I wonder how much attraction is being lost in the static.

    • Stephen Byrne

      Wonderful: thank you. I’ve a list of videos which, whenever I decide I want a 5-minute pick-me-up, I return to and pick one to watch. That’s where I’ve put this latest video of yours.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Stephen. I’m inferring a wise tip! 🙂

    • Ronald

      Another great video – which I needed to watch. I’m pretty good at getting (OH! LOOK A SQUIRREL!) lost.

      • Steven Washer

        Most of us here are a little ADD, aren’t we? It’s just another opportunity to explore the gift of being lost, as soon as we (there’s my coffee!) become aware of it.

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