Would you like to make videos as successfully as Zappos (200,000 and counting)?
Of course you would!

So take a few notes now on your waterproof clipboard because you’re about to be tossed into the deep end of the Zappos learning pool 🙂

Then we’re going to show you a very effective twist for your videos (unless you’re already a household brand)

Swimsuit pulled on tight? OK, then. Dive in!

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    • Richard Killey

      Steven: Thank you for this analysis. I just need to throw away my nervousness and inhibitions and start filming. 🙂
      Regarding scripting, do you feel it detracts from a video when a speaker uses too many “crutch” words? Best example is starting too many sentences with the word “So”. Another is run on sentences joined by the word “and”.

    • admin

      It’s hard to say without hearing it in context, Richard. Everyone is different. To some, like myself, it’s a style that sounds better when spoken aloud than when seen in print. In any case, it’s not the most important point to focus on. Making any kind of a video with what you already know is probably the higher-priority issue. When you’ve gotten super-comfortable with being on-camera, then you could take a close look at words you might be automatically going to out of habit rather than for their best effect.

      (And) don’t throw away your nervousness. It will give you lots of great energy on-camera!

    • Teena

      Hey Steve, Loved the Zappos vid – especially the shiny white reflective floor – I want one o’those! 🙂

      And Marcus’ tea video? I was praying for scratch-n-sniff so I could SMELL that coconut, haha!

      I’m guessing that tea video must be only on their website, as it didn’t have any URL or how to buy it, is that right?

      You’ve inspired me again – last week I made a video straight after watching yours, and I’ll do the same later today trying out this new method – thanks a bunch!

      I’m off right now to host my weekly local small biz coffee meet-up, and I emailed the list to say I’m taking 10-30 second videos of each of them this week, as promos (for my new Video-based Business Directory) and a quick freebie for their business – should be a ton o’fun 🙂

      Keep these emails coming, watching these quick videos is like getting a shot of adreneline every Wed morning here in Melbourne, Australia 😉

      • admin

        Glad we’re sending a little video mojo your way 🙂

        I think I should mention here that Marcus’ videos are so new they haven’t been posted yet as we’re making 50 of them!

        • Teena

          OH wow Steve! WAY TO GO, Marcus! 50 videos – oooooohhh how delicious! Let him know for me that this video of his is great, he sipped and kept talking, conjuring up images in my mind of the tropics, coconut aromas and tastes – job well done!

    • Guy D.

      Very informative as usual. Marcus’ video was clearly green screened. How big was your work area and how did you prevent shadows off of the wall? Also how far was your camera away from you so you were able to get the depth of field?


    • Steve

      Depth of field was but a trick. There was none. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re eligible to take the Greenscreen course right now just by going to the Video Marketing Coaches website. In there I demonstrate how to do all this stuff! 🙂

      The important thing to note is that there was no attempt to fool the viewer into thinking we were NOT using a greenscreen, but just to make her comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the message.

    • James

      Steve…wonderful set of videos. You are a great and natural teacher.

      Are you using a teleprompter? (please share if you are)

      • Steve

        I did not use a teleprompter on this video, but I often do. I’m usually in a hurry and the teleprompter gets me in and out of production faster. Today my prompter was in Baltimore, so everyone had to suffer through my verbalized pauses and so forth 😉

        But thanks for your kind words!

    • James

      Amazingly fast reply…thanks. You were very smooth without a teleprompter.

      I attended a webinar where the moderator recommended a very inexpensive teleprompter app on an IPad…and to use the IPad as the camera with apps like IMovie, etc. Would like to find a good tripod or other way to keep the IPad still if anyone has a suggestion.

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