How to Effectively Fail Up

It Starts With Finding Your Way...

For 45 years my life was a series of failed attempts to “grow up”. And by grow up I mean become an accepted member of, well, basically any group that would have me. Just say you like me and I would become like you. I’ve been an actor, a salesman, an Anarcho-Capitalist, a college professor, and a corporate mucky-muck, among others.

None of those roles stuck for very long because they were just that; roles. Even winning awards and accolades for all this random stuff left me mostly bereft of wisdom.

But when I became a business owner, everything gelled. All of a sudden I could see the zillions of connections between who I was and what I was here to do. Maybe taking on all those roles helped put light and dark more in relief. Whatever the reason, I finally began being able to help others. Well, there’s nothing like having to create your own income to focus the mind, I suppose.

But I soon discovered that helping people specifically with video was a lot different than helping with general marketing. They really struggled to gain mastery. And I couldn’t understand why.

I finally realized that the problem wasn’t what I was teaching, or even how it was taught. It’s that my clients were not prepared to confront the harsh reality of instant feedback.

This is much more serious than it sounds, because in almost everything else we do for our businesses, the feedback, while it may eventually be hard to handle, is hardly ever instantaneous. For example, even if you create a Facebook ad and after a few days it flops, well, you’ve had a few days to prepare for it.

On the other hand, when you shoot a minute of video and you aren’t pleased with the result, feedback happens right away. It can feel like slap in the face. Like the universe is telling you “Who do you think you are, going all Kardashian on the whole world? Get back to your hiding place!”

Ugh. Who wants that? Well, I was stupid enough to persevere through the negative feedback long enough to realize that it was never actually going to go away, and that I was my biggest critic. But I didn’t want that to prevent me from helping others who could profit from what I had learned over a lifetime of failing up.

And along the way I've also learned how to protect our members from the false sting of painful and negative feedback (which by the way, is almost never about being on camera).

On this website there are some 150 lovingly crafted videos with insight into the exact problems of starting up, building up and getting momentum with your online authority, primarily using video.

A goodly number of these videos were made when the company was 100% devoted to video marketing (from BrainyVideo dot com), and they’re here now because they apply to the video aspect of being online.

The more recent videos are about clarifying and amplifying your online authority. So if you’re looking for the information and confidence to get online, crane your neck above the crowd looking for the latest fad that will bring instant riches, then there’s an awfully good chance you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a sequence of videos to start with…

On building the right mindset to be an online authority in your market:

On choosing the right video camera

On the most confidence-producing way to be on-camera

On easily being word-perfect without a teleprompter

And finally, my version of the timeless reason there’s almost no competition for doing this 🙂

I don’t know how these videos will land, but if you like them there’s a good chance you’re a candidate for making this actually work for you and for your business.

I say “for you” because I’ve learned that life is an endless series of binary choices to either learn more about what is driving you and thus take control of your own programming, or to move further away from that self-knowledge, which puts others in control of your operating system.

Only those moving in the direction of self-knowledge win doing this kind of video. And there are so few of us that the market is free of competition, much like a cool, crystal clear pond on a warm summer day.

Take off your flip-flops and jump in!

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